Lady Andal Inter School Football Tournament

The Under 12, 15 & 17 boys team and under 12 girls team of HSV participated in Lady Andal Inter School Football tournament. Our under -15 boys team were the winners.

St. Michael’s Inter School League Football tournament

Our school under-10, 12, 17 boys and under-15 girls teams participated in the St. Michael’s Inter School League Football tournament. The under-10 and 17 boys team entered the quarter-finals. The girls team entered the semifinals. The under-12 boys team won the Runner up Trophy. In the under-12 boys category, Vivaan Dadha of grade VI was awarded a cash prize of rupees 500/- for being top scorer of the tournament.

Tamil Nadu State Level Karate Tournament

K.Avaneesh of class 6 sembaruthi, participated in the Tamil Nadu state level karate tournament and bagged the third plac

ASISC National Literary Events

A six-student team from Hari Shree travelled to Hyderabad to participate in the ASISC National literary events. Mahi Bajaj and Vinaayak Dasika of grade VIII bagged the first place in the Sub Junior Quiz and they received their award from the Honourable Governor of Telangana, Miss. Tamilisai Soundararajan. Smriti Krishnan from Grade VIII came second in the Sub Junior Declamation. Shashank S of grade VIII and the team of Saranesh Kanna and Shrikha from grade XII received a participation certificate in Sub Junior Painting and Senior Quiz category respectively.

Inside the Millennial Mind

In the summer of 2019, I, Gayathri Venkatesan attended a PAN India essay competition by Takthe in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi, writing on the topic of ‘Is protecting the natural environment a priority?’ The top one hundred essays were to be published into a book known as ‘Inside the Millennial Mind’, in which my essay was featured. I received the book from the book launch in New Delhi. I learned many things about the topic as I researched and found some very shocking things as well that I would not have expected in the slightest. It was a wonderful experience, as the book contained the various thoughts of students akin to myself all over the country. All in all, I feel like the entire experience, from participating in the competition, to receiving the book was a journey that was wonderful and I would definitely do it again if I had the opportunity.

Short Stories by Teens for Teens!

As India prepared to go into lockdown, nearly a year ago, a group of students from Hari Shree got together to beat lockdown blues, the creative way. Each putting their unique spin on five prompts, they penned over forty short stories. The collection of these stories, along with puzzles, riddles, activities and much more is Driftwood Journal, an anthology by teens, for teens.

TN State Table Tennis

Advaith SJ from grade VIII has been selected for the Tamil Nadu State Table Tennis team in the sub junior boys’ category. He will now be representing the state in the nationals to be held at Indore in March.

TVS Endurance Race

Rakshitha was the 1st runner up in the TVS 2-hour Endurance Race that was held at MMRT, Chennai. She was the youngest participant and was competing with senior and experienced racers.

Akka Anna Day & Pot Luck

The potluck happened in the comfortable environment of our own classrooms, having invited those we are thankful to – our annas and akkas – to come and eat with us. It was definitely a humbling experience as we served them food we had brought from our homes, ate with them and laughed with them. It has become one of the many meaningful traditions at Hari Shree.

Hari Shree’s Golu

This year, the primary school children celebrated Navaratri by having a 3 step Golu in the reception area. The students contributed these dolls from their favourite collections. Every morning, different grade levels took turns to recite shlokas and sing bhajans. The efforts of the students and teachers brought in a serene atmosphere in the school.

It was a time to celebrate and come together as a class before we went for our term break. The whole school ushered in Dussehra, dressed in colourful, traditional attire, dancing to the rhythm of dandia music. Students of classes VI – VIII and IX to XII had dandiya sessions in separate venues. The day was even more special as our teachers also danced with us.