World Scholars’ Cup

Yeshikaa Chhallani of grade IX participated in the World Scholars’ Cup, Doha 2023. She won 3 silver medals in the categories of Collaborative Writing, Debate and Scholars Bowl Quiz. She also bagged a gold medal for being the youngest scholar in the senior division and was ranked 26th position at Worlds Scholars’ Cup, Doha where around 65 countries and 4750 students participated.

Young Ted Speaker

Zakya Palicha’s training for 4 months in public speaking culminated in a TED-Ed talk. She spoke about her journey, her learnings as a pet mom, and her views on pet breeding and training.

Gujarat STEM Quiz

Vedesh Narayanan from grade X was selected as one of the State Level Winners of the Gujarat STEM Quiz. He was teamed with another student from Uttar Pradesh. He cleared the mega prelims along with his teammate and went all the way to the semi-finals. He was awarded a Samsung Tablet and a Robotics kit.

Music is Melody

A few students of Hari Shree participated in an electronic keyboard ensemble program to spread awareness on Child Labour. They received participation certificates from the Asia Book of Records.

Breaststroke Swim

K Mithra of grade IV won the 3rd place in breaststroke at the intraclub swimming competition held at the Cosmopolitan Club.


Yohan Chordia of grade V was placed second in the chess tournament conducted by the GVCA after scoring 6 points, and was placed second in Breaststroke Swim


Hari Shree’s Under-17 boys team and Under-19 boys and girls teams participated in the regionals of the football tournament conducted by the council. The under-19 girls team emerged as winners of their category in the regional tournament. Harith Reddy from the under-17 boys category was declared as the man of the match in his event. Six girls from the under-19 category have been selected to represent the Tamil Nadu region in the national tournament that is to happen in the month of August.

Body, Mind and Spirit – International Yoga Day

Students across grades celebrated International Yoga Day by participating in special yoga sessions. Ms. Jyotsna Buch, a trained yoga practioner from the Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram and a trained Bharatanatyam dancer facilitated a few of these sessions along with our own acharyas. The sessions focused on the benefits of breathing and postures during the group practice. Students and acharyas participated and practiced various asanas like the SuryaNamaskar, Vrikshasana, Natrajasana.

Cheers to a Fresh Start

This year too, Hari Shree organized orientation sessions for parents and students of all grade levels. These sessions aimed at providing parents an insight into the curriculum, the hands-on learning activities planned for the year, the assessment patterns and other pertinent information. The sessions also gave an overview of holistic areas which would not only give students a medium to fully utilize their creative talents and energies, but also help them in their all-round development.

Parent Program

The Parent Program is a month-long session that is facilitated for the parents who are new to Hari Shree Vidyalayam. This year too, every day the parents took part in different interactive sessions conducted by various facilitators. This program allowed parents to be involved in engaging activities while being available on the campus as their child settled in the new environment.