Middle Eastern MUN Achievement

Varsha Karthik received an Honourable Mention in the Middle Eastern Model United Nations. She represented the delegation of Canada in the agenda of Deliberation on the Militarization and Security of Outer Space. She was the only representative from South India in this committee.

Geo Genius

Harshikkha Narayanan of Grade XI won the first prize in the All-India Geo Genius Project Competition 2021 in the senior’s category. She made her entry under the title, ‘Earth’s tectonic plates have crafted mountains, oceans, incandescent volcanoes and new lands.’

Kalam’s World Record

Dhakshesh Deepak, Ananya Jammi & Ishaan Saravanan, students of grades III and VI respectively, participated recently in an initiative to create awareness about nature and health under the topic “Love your Earth to Live your Life “. They now hold a place in the Kalam Book of Records for their artwork.

India Book of Records

Vihaan of grade I holds a place in the India Book of Records for being the youngest to sing and play the keyboard. His video has also been published by the IBR in their YouTube channel.

Madras is an Emotion

The Madras Day poster-making event was conducted as an inter-house activity for students from grades IX to XII. The event provided the students with an insight into the history of the city. Madras in all its fanfare, from rich vintage architecture to delicious foods, from tradition and festivities to interesting geography, was celebrated through colourful posters.

Independence Day – A Salute to Our Nation


To commemorate the freedom attained by our country from the blood, struggle and revolt of many brave hearts, Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam celebrated Independence Day with great fervour. The Principal hoisted the tricolour flag in the school grounds. This was followed by events online. A beautiful rendition of “Maithreem Bhajata”, a song about cultivating peace and humanity, was performed. The students of middle school and high school worked together to present soul stirring performances through music, dance and drama. They instilled in everyone, strong sentiments of patriotism and undying love for our great nation.

– Srinidhi Arun Pennathur, grade XII

Tamizh Dhinam


This year’s virtual Tamil Day celebration was as spirited as every celebration till date. Everyone logged in to mesmerizing flute music. Tamil Day is celebrated in honour of our founder Rajah Sir Muthaiah Chettiar and his contributions to the field of education. Students spoke about Thirukural, and the reasons for its wide popularity. High school students debated on the topic, ‘Traditional Tamil Culture or Modern Culture’. The chief guest, Dr. Shankar, Director of International Tamil Research Centre, moderated the debate. There was a display of a plethora of talent in music, dance and speeches.

Tanya, grade VII

Investiture Ceremony


With the dawn of the new academic year, it was time for the students of grade XI and XII to take on the responsibilities of leading the school as the seniors. The investiture ceremony and the swearing in of the student council was held online, on the 4th of August, 2021. The student representatives introduced themselves followed by the oath taken by the head boy on behalf of the council. Together, the head boy and girl acknowledged the duties of the council to the school.

– S Shrimathura, grade XII

The Vizha – 2021


Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam held its eighth annual cultural extravaganza – The Vizha 2021 (its second online edition), on the 6th and 7th of August. The event was organized efficiently by the 11th and 12th graders, under the guidance of a team of teachers. With a total of 12 events that took place through Zoom, and 9 through Google Classroom, an overwhelming amount of talent was showcased over these two days. Some of the online highlights were ‘Don’t let me drown (shipwreck)’, ‘Swim with the Sharks (shark tank)’ and ‘Jeopardy’ while the offline events included competitions like ‘Meme, Myself and I (meme making)’, ‘Get Set Reel (reel making)’, ‘MasterChef’ to mention a few. The Vizha was an enriching experience not only for its participants from other schools, but also for CHSV’s organizing team. We were honoured by the presence of singers Mr. Srinivas and Ms. Gayathri Girish who were the chief guests for the opening and closing ceremonies, respectively. This year’s Vizha had nearly 200 participants from various schools across Tamil Nadu, and Mumbai. The Vizha team made its mark with the cutting-edge technology used to ensure safe and secure, yet easily accessible Zoom meetings. Overall, the event was a huge success, all thanks to effort put in by the students and acharyas.

– Anika Jahnavi Sridharan, grade XI

Delegates Come Forth to Debate!


Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam held the eighth edition of its annual Model United Nations Conference and the second edition online. Ms. Eenam Gambhir, IFS and Ms. Aparna Nandakumar, a prominent lawyer were special guests at the opening ceremony which set the tone for the committee sessions that followed over the two days. The agendas of the five committees ranged from Protection of Cultural Heritage in Warzones to the Crisis in Ukraine and the Hyperinflation in Lebanon. Apart from this, there was also the International Press Corps which impelled the delegates to discuss and defend their foreign policy stances. Delegates from various schools, each representing a different nation, discussed, debated, and devised solutions to several of these issues with tactful diplomacy. With 150 delegates, 5 committees and 14 chairpersons, the online edition of the MUN proved to be quite successful, thanks to the combined effort of the organizing committee and the teacher team.

– Aneesh Sriram, grade XII