Cambridge Programme

Message from the Director

Hari Shree was founded in 2004, it’s almost two decades now. Our vision was to create a school where children come happily, learn joyfully, imbibe our culture, be rooted in our heritage, and have a global perspective and understand who they are. Swami Dayananda Saraswathi’s teachings, the vedic heritage programme and the concept of parent-child programme, were inspirational for the founding concepts of Hari Shree. As years went by, we also focused our vision to ‘educate individuals to become compassionate, responsible global citizens who contribute towards a sustainable future.’

Hari Shree is a progressive school. We have been continuously growing and evolving while being rooted to our culture. Hari Shree as a school is a safe, secure and joyful learning environment. The holistic curriculum develops all aspects of the learner’s personality, empowering them to become lifelong learners. The collaborative, cooperative learning enables students to develop healthy relationships with themselves and the world at large.

The decision to adopt the Cambridge program is based on the fact that it offers an integrated and skill based system which offers the resources and tools to ensure that the pedagogic practices promote deep inquiry, self-reflection and independent learning. Even though we practise several aspects of it now, the framework and structure of Cambridge curriculum enables differentiated learning where each child will be empowered to take subjects of their choice and abilities as they progress to higher grades.

The ethos and culture of the school, as always, will remain the same.

We will stay rooted, while going global.

Message from the Principal

As a school, we strive to provide holistic development to make our children responsible global citizens, and make our children independent and reflective learners by bringing in the progressive approaches from systems around the world in terms of methodologies that are optimal for learning. We ably support our teachers by training them to embrace these approaches and hence it is ideal that we move to a system that demands and builds in measures and tools for such enhanced teaching methodologies in the curriculum itself. It is a natural progression to offer all this as a part of the system; a system that takes into account the different abilities of learners, provides comprehensive support in terms of curricular resources, offers programmes with built-in professional development modules in implementing the curriculum and assessing the teaching and learning with enhanced tools. With that thought, the school is stepping in the direction of providing the Cambridge qualifications which are recognised not just by global institutions but by Indian universities as well.

The Cambridge programme is being offered for toddlers, the incoming batch of PP1 for the year 2023-24 and for new students enrolling into PP2 and Grade 1. As for the existing batches of PP1 and PP2, who will be moving into PP2 and Grade 1 in the next year, parents have the choice of staying with the CISCE or may opt to switch to CAIE, i.e, the Cambridge programme.

The current batch of PP1 and PP2 who wish to remain with ICSE and all students of grade 1 upwards will continue with ICSE and graduate from school.

The Hari Shree values and quality will only continue to grow from strength to strength.

Cambridge Early Years Programme at Hari Shree

The Cambridge Early Years Programme at Hari Shree will incorporate the best practices of the Montessori Methodology. The curriculum develops young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, engaged, innovative and independent. The programme provides a natural progression for children towards IGCSE / O / A levels.

Experiential and collaborative learning

The focus is on inquiring, analysing, thinking and contributing. Learning is achieved through experience and collaborative activities that provide students with an in-depth understanding of concepts.

Interconnectedness to the lessons

The spiral approach of the Cambridge curriculum will bring in interconnectedness of the concepts into the lessons.

Helping children become reflective

Children take responsibility towards their learning which is an important skill that is acquired through the Cambridge programme. They will have scope to reflect on their learning which helps them in their journey of being independent learners.

In addition to the enriching experience, children gain conceptual knowledge, relevant skills, appropriate attitudes and values while developing a wide range of interests.

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