From the Principal’s Desk



CHSV was started with a vision to provide a space for our children to feel happy, loved and cared for while they learn. As we grew and evolved over the years so did our vision. We now also aspire for our students to transcend their personal needs andto believe in Vasudeiva Kutumbakam, the world as one family.

The culturally immersive experiences we provide in school go beyond celebrations of festivals and permeate into all that we do, to enable students to understand why we do what we do. With a combination of this culturally rich approach with our strong ICSE and ISC curriculum, the progressive approach and the global outlook to learning, we seek to help our students develop holistically, with a strong foundation and life-long love for learning. Our goal is to inspire our students to use their knowledge and skills to live in a nature-friendly, sustainable and peaceful manner.

Our acharyas help our students gradually transition from dependent to more independent learners who take up responsibility of their learning and set a high standard of achievement for themselves. The institution provides opportunities for acharyas to take up responsibilities so that they may set a high standard for themselves and the learners to develop and flourish.

Having said that, we believe that raising children is a shared responsibility. Habits and values are caught and not taught, and children learn values from parents, teachers and society. As a school, we understand our immense responsibility towards the development of the child and every decision we make is made keeping the well-being of the child. Promoting a culture of tolerance and mutual respect, we ensure that all stake-holders are heard and treated with respect. We are together in this journey and we are looking forward to making this experience a meaningful and joyful one for the child and for all of us.