World Scholars Cup

Anisha M of grade VIII participated in the global round of the World Scholars Cup tournament in Dubai. She had an opportunity to meet people from across the world and explore various cultures. The competition included debating and essay writing as an individual as well as a quiz which involved a team of students. Anisha won 8 gold and 3 silver medals, coming 8th overall across an estimated thousand.


Senapathy of grade IV successfully completed the beginners’ course in chess. He also participated in the SOF – National Science Olympiad securing an international and regional rank.

Shloka Recital

Smritha of grade IV won the Second prize in the shloka competition conducted by Gokula Bhajana Sabha.

Investiture Ceremony – Of the students, by the students and for the students

With the help of a voting system, we have chosen our leaders for the current academic year and we stand by them as we approach the year ahead. The elected student body was sworn in in the presence of Naval officer, Capt. Maghesh Gerald. They pledged to represent their fellow students, accept responsibility, respond with courage and to always think of others first.


The Middle School students signed up to participate in a Talkathon competition, which proved to be a huge success. Talkathons have always helped our students build confidence in their language skills. Apart from honing their public speaking, students gained a better understanding on topics unrelated to academics and it helped build confidence in expressing themselves. The topics given for each grade level were different, thought-provoking and allowed students to explore and express their imaginative and informative takes on them. Some of the topics were “Why apologising when you are wrong is important” and “Manners Matter”.