Anupama Parthasarathy

Yoga Trainer Anupama Parthasarathy is a passionate yoga teacher who firmly believes in starting young. She is a professional yoga traoner and is currently undergoing advanced training at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, one of the most reputed yoga schools. She believes in the aspects of form and function in yoga and strives to create a balance […]

Sunitha Agnes Arul

Senior secondary Educator Sunitha is an enthusiastic math teacher. She enjoys Math and believes students will be able to enjoy mathematics and develop curiosity by making real world connections. She encourages her students to express Math concepts in spoken word for ease of understanding.

Ms. Umamaheshwari

Middle School Educator Umamaheswari is a Master’s in English from Madras University and a B. Ed from IGNOU. She holds a Diploma in Journalism too. She has been with Harishree since its inception from 2004. Being an enthusiastic and active person, she tries innovative methods like incorporating acronyms, music into teaching, thereby ensuring that the […]

Shobana Muraali

Senior secondary Educator Shobana Muraali is an enthusiastic teacher with over 17 years of experience in teaching Biology. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology and Bachelor’s in Education. She believes in developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude about the subject as this is an important quality of a teacher.She feels that a teacher […]


Middle School Educator Aparna is a passionate English language educator, and her mission is to create responsible global citizens by inculcating the spirit of lifelong learning in her students. She promotes inquiry-based learning in her classroom, and encourages wide reading and writing with application. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Stella Maris and has been […]

Kavitha N.

Montessori Educator As a Montessori teacher, Kavitha believes her role is to guide the children to become responsible and independent individuals. She encourages creativity, imagination and exploration in her classroom. She endeavours to create curiosity in them and provide space for language, art and craft activities, underlining the importance of expression. She looks forward to […]

Charumati Ramanujam

Montessori Educator Charumathi finds immense joy in working with children. She handles Hindi with passion and interest. Her deep love for the language and children helped her give direction to her career. She encourages her students to express themselves in Hindi. She endeavours to instill enthusiasm in her students to learn and use Hindi for […]

Charukesi Saishankar

Senior secondary Educator Charukesi joined Hari Shree in October 2015 and teaches Chemistry to the senior classes. She holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Bachelors degree in Education. Interacting with young minds and engaging with students motivate her. Charukesi believes that the effort of a true educator should be towards unlocking the potential […]

Anuradha Babu

Mddle School Educator Anuradha Babu has been with Harishree for over 8 years and finds her calling in engaging young minds productively. She is passionate about the English language and endeavors to instill effective communication skills with good application and flawless grammar. She promotes ‘learning with context’ and consciously incorporates thought provoking debates, discussions and […]

Lois Priscilla Samuel

Senior secondary Educator Lois Samuel is an enthusiastic teacher. She is a Master’s in English and is also CELTA-certified. Her classes are structured to help students relate to the context and content. She creates a learning environment to practice the language through various fun activities. She encourages her students to voice their opinions and present […]