Veena Sreenivasan

Montessori Educator Veena Sreenivasan is a Montessori trained teacher and this is her first year as an educator. She is deeply interested in working with children and facilitating their developmental skills within the Montessori environment. She strongly believes in the Montessori way of teaching and learning and practices the same with her children. She believes […]

Yoga Priyanka S

Secondary School Educator Yoga Priyanka is a passionate educator who teaches Biology for the senior classes. She believes kindling the curiosity of students and inculcating a love for learning is the best way to impart education. She also thinks that teachers should keep learning from their students, their peers and the world around them, about […]

Mithali Priyaa

Montessori Educator Mithali Priyaa is an engineering graduate in Biomedical sciences. She is a certified Montessori educator with a profound passion for nurturing young minds. Firmly believing in the transformative power of a caring environment, she strives to create a safe and supportive space where children can flourish. With a keen focus on meaningful learning […]

Sandhya Sahadevan

Montessori Educator Sandhya is a post graduate in Insurance and comes from a corporate background. Her passion towards art and education motivated her to choose teaching as her profession. Having many years of experience teaching sketching and painting, she has now enrolled for Montessori teacher training too. She believes every child is unique and has […]

Anjana Varadarajan

Montessori Educator Anjana Varadarajan is a Business Economics graduate. She later went on to pursue her B.Ed. in Maths and English and Masters in Economics. Taking after her mother, she feels that right from a very young age, she always had the thirst to learn and impart her learnings. She feels now that her toddler […]

Neetha Kaniyal

Montessori Educator Neetha Kaniyal is a Commerce graduate and has a Masters degree in Social work. She is a trained Montessorian with a Diploma in Montessori Education. Her admiration for the Montessori philosophy and love for children drew her towards this profession. She enjoys working with young children, nurturing them, considering this as her contribution […]

Vignesh Kumar.P

Art Trainer Vignesh Kumar is a Fine Arts graduate and is passionate about his work. Sculptor being his forte, he always looks for opportunities to apply his creative skills to the fullest. He is adaptable and strives to bring out the best in children with his calm demeanor. He is now working towards his bigger […]

Ilanthamizhan Chandirasekar

Middle School Educator Ilanthamizhan is passionate about teaching and looks for interactive and practical strategies for facilitating chemistry in class. He has completed his Masters in Philosophy and Master in Chemistry. He believes that Chemistry is more interesting when students learn its application in real life. His classes include a lot of ‘How’ and ‘Why’, […]

Sriram Viswanathan

Music Trainer Sriram is a versatile musical artist who has deep knowledge both in western and Indian classical music. He has completed grade 8 in classical guitar from Trinity College, London. He is a trained carnatic singer and also plays the venu flute and the bansuri. His music classes are exploratory. He encourages the students […]

Aadhithya Varshini

Art Trainer Aadhithya Varshini is a passionate and dedicated individual, who holds a Master Degree in Fine Arts. She wishes to explore and contribute more towards learning in a joyful way. She is adaptable and strives to bring out the best in children with her calm demeanor. Art being her forte, She always looks for […]