Model Making

Kridhay.S of Grade II received 1st prize in Model making and Science drawing conducted by CSIR- SERC.

Let’s Football

Nihhaan Khatod from Grade II participated in the Baby League Football tournament held at KCH School and his team won the championship.

Bronze in Squash

Aryaan Prabhu of grade V participated in the Boys U11 category of the ISTA Junior Squash tournament and won a bronze medal for the same.

Sports Day – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam’s 17th Annual Sports Meet happened in the true spirit of sportsmanship. The chief guest, Ms. Shahana K, a renowned kho-kho player, hoisted the flag and received the salute from the 4 contingents and the student leaders as they marched past. The oath was taken, followed by a yoga demonstration, aerobics and human pyramid formations by students from middle and high school. The events of the day, which included a parents event and alumni event were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. Every house worked towards accumulating points for their team, and the day ended with Prithvi winning the house cup this year.

– Chelsia, Grade XII

The Vizha – Inter School Culturals

Hari Shree’s very own inter-school cultural program, The Vizha, was conducted in physical space after two years. With a number of events and students from many schools participating, the Vizha was a grand cultural extravaganza that proved to be an enriching experience. The chief guest, Ms. Shweta Venkit set the tone for the event with her inspiring opening speech. Organised efficiently by the eleventh and twelfth graders, the Vizha was a wonderful amalgamation of excitement, talent and culture. Events like Talk the Plank, B Sharp, Stand up comedy, etc. were a great success with students gathering in the auditorium to watch schools battle it out on stage. Another notable highlight that was added to this day was the food court, where students from different schools came together to enjoy the wide variety of delicacies. The Vizha 2022 truly was a great experience and we now eagerly await next year’s edition.

– The Vizha team 2022

Hari Shree goes to Lucknow for the ASISC Nationals

Shravya Ramesh, Tarun Jeyaraj in the senior category, Siddharth and Ritu Sudharshan in the junior category represented Hari Shree and the state at the ASISC Nationals for the quiz competition. Each of them excelled in their respective categories and qualified for the semi- finals and secured fourth place in the finals. Going toe-to-toe with the fellow students, the students brought their best to the table.

Teachers Day Celebrations

In order to wholeheartedly celebrate and give back to our wonderful teachers, the students of grades XI and XII organised challenging and enjoyable events which were presented to teachers of primary, middle, and high school separately. The program included dance, music, and games like Adzap and a scavenger hunt. The students read out heart-warming poems for the teachers to show their gratitude.

– J Chandana, Grade XII


The 9th edition of MUN, Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam was yet another mind-blowing journey of Model United Nations. CHSV MUN’2022 saw around 150+ registrations and every delegate experienced diplomacy at its best. With highly experienced executive board members, who have also attended CHSV MUN(s) in the past, and with the help of an extraordinary organising committee, CHSV MUN 2022 definitely left a mark on everyone who was a part of this remarkable and successful journey.

– N Harshikkha, Grade XII

Tamizh Dhinam

Late Shri MAM Ramaswamy’s birthday is celebrated as ‘Tamil Day’ in Hari Shree every year, as an acknowledgement of his fondness for the Tamil language. To commemorate this day, our young students in the primary grades enjoyed learning about the great poets and experienced the joy of Tamil language as they participated in various activities like ‘Pattimandram’, elocution, theater, song and dance. Despite their multicultural backgrounds, they enjoyed celebrating the rich heritage of Tamil language with their peers.

Diwali – The Festival of Lights

Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated with much joy by the students of Pre-primary. They learnt about the significance of lighting diyas during Diwali and painted their own clay diyas to use at home. The students came dressed in beautiful traditional costumes and shared their thoughts on how they celebrate Diwali in their own homes. The importance of green Diwali was also discussed.