The Vizha – Inter School Culturals

Hari Shree’s very own inter-school cultural program, The Vizha, was conducted in physical space after two years. With a number of events and students from many schools participating, the Vizha was a grand cultural extravaganza that proved to be an enriching experience. The chief guest, Ms. Shweta Venkit set the tone for the event with her inspiring opening speech. Organised efficiently by the eleventh and twelfth graders, the Vizha was a wonderful amalgamation of excitement, talent and culture. Events like Talk the Plank, B Sharp, Stand up comedy, etc. were a great success with students gathering in the auditorium to watch schools battle it out on stage. Another notable highlight that was added to this day was the food court, where students from different schools came together to enjoy the wide variety of delicacies. The Vizha 2022 truly was a great experience and we now eagerly await next year’s edition.

– The Vizha team 2022