Global Citizenship

Children of Grades VI to VIII and IX & XI found a myriad of solutions for various issues ranging from Covid precautionary measures to environmental and civic issues, using the DISS method (Discover, Investigate, Solve, Share). They shared their experiences of reporting actions, developing Awareness Apps and working prototypes throughout the year, during the culmination of the Global Citizenship (GC) sessions for the year.

Art Speaks Where Words are Unable to Explain

Varnajala, the annual art exhibition is organized to provide a platform to discover hidden talents and showcase every child’s creativity. After the wonderful exhibition of artwork in the virtual gallery last year, Varnajala was back in physical space with a bang this year, with children, acharyas and admin staff participating by contributing their creative work.

CE Term End Presentation

The students of grades VI -VIII, IX and XI each put together beautiful programs with the help of their respective facilitators, in order to display their training over the year. Each of these culmination programs were streamed on YouTube. The performances consisted of western, classical and fusion dances, ravishing arts and crafts, Carnatic and western music, and well put together skits.

– Chandana J, Grade XI

Break the Bias – Street Play

The Sociology students of class XII ideated, wrote and performed a street play on Equality, to celebrate Women’s Day on March 8th. The plot for the street play was drawn from many instances of bias throughout a woman’s life, starting from her childhood. Through rhythmic beats and vocal call outs, a large crowd gathered around the sandpit. The poetic narration and miming captured everyone’s attention. The intended message was conveyed louder than words ever could-Break the Bias.

Women’s Day Celebration

True to the theme of International Women’s Day, 2022, the gentlemen teachers of Hari Shree organized surprise fun games for their peers. It was a day for collaboration, motivation and appreciation!

Let’s Stop the Spread

Keeping in step with the recent government guidelines regarding vaccination against COVID-19, a vaccination camp was organized for students in the age group of 15-18. The camp was facilitated by the Mandaveli Urban Health Center. 177 eligible students from grades IX to XII were vaccinated in the student-friendly camp with all protocols followed.

Republic Day – commemorating the Enactment of the Constitution of India

Republic day was celebrated with gaiety. Flag hoisting happened in the physical space. It was followed by an online performance of patriotic dance, music and speeches highlighting the progress of our country over the years. The whole program was live streamed on social media.

– K Pavarnaa, Grade XII

Pongal – Celebrating the Harvest Festival

Pongal celebration at the Middle and High School level started with a prayer. The students of grade VI apprised the audience of the significance and legacy of the Tamil language spanning over 2000 years. The students of grades VI to XI put up a variety of plays, musical renditions, dances and art showcases that highlighted the harvest festival. To conclude, the teachers participated in a lively debate on the topic, ‘Is the Tamil culture better upheld in rural or urban areas?’

– Akshara Vijay Ganesh, Grade IX


Vinaayak G Dasika from grade X secured an international rank 2 in SOF English Olympiad 2021-2022.

Young Authors

Taran Balakrishnan of grade IX, published his first book, Black’nd Owl, a retro style murder mystery. Ananya Ganesh of grade XI, published her third book, Cloud Walker, an anthology of poems, recently. We wish these budding authors success in all their future endeavours.