Ms. Deepali Davey

Middle School Educator Ms. Deepali is a passionate educator with over 12 years of experience. She has completed her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Bachelors in Education. She is pursuing her Master’s in English Literature from Madras University. She believes that learning gets more interesting when students get to apply their learning to […]

Saravana Preetha K

Montessori Educator Preetha holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Primary Montessori Education. After a long stint in the corporate world, she found her calling in engaging young minds. She has been with Harishree for over 7 years as a Montessori teacher. She is also pursuing her PhD in Montessor

Rohini G.

Middle School Educator Rohini has a great passion for teaching Tamil and make it easy and fun for her students. With a Master’s degree in Tamil along with qualifications in Commerce and Teacher’s Training, she also has an advanced diploma in Montessori Education to her credit. She has been in teaching for over 5 years […]

Deepthi Srinath

Primary Educator Deepthi Srinath holds a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s degree in Communications. Coming from the corporate world, Deepthi’s passion lay in engaging young minds. She believes that learning gets more interesting when students get to apply their learning to real life. She emphasizes on the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of things, to open […]

Vinitha Narayanan

Primary Educator Vinitha Narayanan is a Master’s in Math with 12 years of teaching experience. With a postgraduate diploma in early childhood education also to her credit, she is passionate about teaching Math and Tamil. She believes that ‘powerful minds are in her classroom’ and her responsibility is to nurture them and keep them growing.

Rajkumar K

Art Trainer Rajkumar K has completed his Master’s in Fine Arts at one of the reputed colleges in Chennai. With nine years of experience as an art teacher, he brings creativity, hardwork and encouragement to the table. He believes every child is creative in his/her own way and it is the duty and challenge of […]