Utsav – The Journey Begins

Temples of Tamil Nadu

The webinar by Mr. Bharath Chandrasekaram gave an insight into the brilliant architectural and sculptural skills of the artisans of our land. It was almost a virtual tour of the famous temples of Tamil Nadu tracing the history and evolution during the period of Pallava and Chola kings. He explained the difference between the architectural style of the Pallavas and Cholas and how the Cholas reformed and brought in magnificence to the structure. He very vividly highlighted the distinct and unique features of the Brihadeeswara temple, kailasanathar temple, the early rock cut and monolith temples built during the reign of different dynasties. The lucid style of explanation along with pictures and focus on minute details, left the audience awestruck and paved the way for a deeper understanding to appreciate the uniqueness of our culture.