Utsav – Primary

Learners of grade II, wearing traditional attire, visited the Shringeri Sharadhambal temple and a Gurudwara. They were given a guided tour of both the places of worship. This hands-on exposure to the multi-cultural practices enriched the importance of diversity and respect for all. The day ended with learners enjoying a Langar meal. To appreciate nature’s abundance, learners of grade III visited Farm Guru to learn about farming. They participated in planting, threshing and ploughing activities. They also interacted with farmers and rode tractors and bullock carts. The children enjoyed an organic meal and even took back some rice to cook at home.



This unique experience enhanced their understanding of agriculture and sustainability. As a part of Utsav 2023 celebrations the learners of Primary School celebrated our culture by experiencing and exploring different art forms like music and dance. They enjoyed storytelling sessions which emphasized on the importance of respect, kindness, sharing, caring and discipline. The first day of Utsav for Primary began with a session by Mr. Pradeep Chakravarthy who talked about genuine happiness found in being empathetic to the needs of others and assuming responsibility to uphold dharma. An engaging session with Mrs. Geeta Balaji took the young minds on a journey through the timeless concept of Satyam Vad, the virtue of speaking the truth. Learners of grades IV and V identified characters from the puranas displaying the qualities of dharma and adharma. Dr. Radhika Vairavavelavan and her learners presented a captivating dance performance illustrating the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu through Bharatanatyam.



The learners of grades II and III were engaged in a story session with Mrs. N Subhasri on Lord Krishna’s faithful devotee Pundalik. The parents also joined the celebration by creating kolans and rangolis on the themes of Navaratri while the parents of grades IV and V made thoranams and garlands. The themes of ‘Respect of All’, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Generosity’ were explored through the narration of the timeless epic, ‘Periya Puranam’. The learners showcased their understanding by illustrating and writing about the stories they learned through the Utsav sessions.



Mrs. Brindha Venkatakrishnan and Mr. Venkatakrishnan delighted the learners with a lively performance depicting Lord Krishna’s life. Mrs. Brindha’s graceful dance and Mr. Venkatakrishnan’s vibrant singing created an engaging experience. The children not only enjoyed the show but also learned expressive mudras, highlighting the importance of storytelling through different mediums like song, drama and dance. The learners of the Primary were part of a wellness session condicted by Dr. Narasimha Jammi emphasizing the importance of food. The session also focused on adapting a healthy lifestyle and how conscious consumption of food can have a vital impact on our health. This was followed by Mr. Mohan Gandhi’s musical rendition on “Swara Dhwani and Raaga Bhava”. Mr. Shravan Ramakrishanan’s theatre performance on daily values was embraced by the learners with a lot of enthusiasm. The concluding day of Utsav featured a mesmerizing performance by a skilled group of artists from Kerala showcasing the versatile instrument, Chenda Melam. The learners also played our traditional games of PallanKuzhi, Pandi and Snake & Ladder. The school kitchen joined in the festivities by serving traditional Chettinad cuisine on banana leaves. Parents were also welcome to join for the special meals.