Utsav – Pre-Primary

The Utsav 2023 celebrations for the learners of grade I was a delightful and enriching experience. With the value of friendship as the backdrop, Ms. Subasri narrated the story of Lord Krishna and his beloved friend Sudama, while Mr. Shravan Ramakrishanan from ‘Paati’s Beats’ performed a captivating folk drama on the theme. To enhance the understanding of our culture and traditions, learners made toranams of mango leaves and learned about the significance of tying toranams during auspicious occasions, adding a meaningful touch to the festivities. Extending the Utsav learning experience, learners visited the Marundeeshwarar temple. Observing the daily practices in the temple, visiting the goshala and offering bananas for the cows were all experiences to connect with the culture. As a culmination of the celebration, learners drew representations of their learning journey, adding a personal touch.