UTSAV Middle School

This year too, Utsav was a knowledge-laden celebration of Indian culture for Hari Shree’s middle schoolers. The students began the celebrations with Shri Jaishankarji’s informative session about the values taught in ancient Indian puranas and itihasas, followed by an entertaining quiz that truly brought together fun and learning. The students got the opportunity to see everyone’s unique perspectives, bringing out the diversity in thought. Then, the middle schoolers attended a session by Smt. Lakshmi Sarma who talked about the true versions of the ancient epics and stories, educating them on why they should be proud of their rich heritage. In the final few days of Utsav, Students of grade 7 attended another session by Shri Jaishankarji that covered various interesting topics and gave them insights on adulthood, life, and how one should aim to give more than one consumes. They also displayed their talent through vibrant theatre and art presentations. Grade 8 attended a session with Dr. Deepa Duraisamy on urban planning and a sustainable living, which aligned perfectly with the school’s vision.