UTSAV – Middle School

The Middle School Utsav consisted of sessions by eminent resource people like Shri. Ramachandra Sekhar, Shri. Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan, Smt. Deepa Duraiswamy, Kum. Manasvini, Kum. Sristikha Sriram to explore ancient scriptures, temple architecture and sacred practices. Be it our timeless art form of Upanyasam or the Bharatanatyam segment, the interactive sessions touched upon the wisdom of artistic expressions that define our cultural legacy.




‘Krida’ an activity on comic strip making reinforced the value of forbearance in our day-to-day learnings for the learners of grade VI. ‘Mandir Margam’, ensued a thorough research and presentation on the history and architecture of temples by the learners of grade VIII. This activity demonstrated their appreciation of our profound culture and historic dimension of sacred spaces which they shared with their peers. The learners of Middle School were also a part of the tour of ‘Parambariyam’ offering hands-on experiences in folk games, country chemist shops, and folk dances. ‘Culture Cues’, a performance led by learners of grade VIII centeredon cultural values of VasudeivaKutumbakam, Forbearance, Resilience, Regard for the Scared and Sustainability. The values were presented through skits, songs and speeches that connected with their roots fostering a deep appreciation for our cultural heritage.




The session, ‘Vedic Pond’, gave an opportunity to learners of High School to evaluate the importance of the Questioning and Debating system of Ancient India and the leadership qualities as seen in the Mahabharata. The importance of communication and well-being were demonstrated through live Bharatanatyam, Silambam and Kalari performances. The live cooking show focussed on the importance of healthy eating practices.