UTSAV – Field Trips

The learners of grade VI visited Dakshin Chitra – a cross cultural museum of art and architecture. The visit provided them an opportunity to discover various houses and utensils authentic to specific states. The traditional ‘karagattam’ and ‘Thappattam’ genres of folk dances were performed to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. The learners also were engaged in a hands-on experience on sketching the Patachitra, an indigenous art form of Odisha.



The learners of grade VII went on a memorable field trip to Mahabalipuram as part of their Utsav program. Guided by Mr. Ketu Ramachandrashekhar, they explored the intricately carved Pancha Rathas, Mahishasura Mardhini temple and Krishna Mandapam. The trip helped the learners appreciate the region’s historical and artistic heritage.



As a part of Utsav 2023 learners of grade VIII visited Sirudavoor Village. This trip provided them with experiential learning opportunities to explore village life, culture, organic farming and sustainable agriculture. Knowledgeable guides accompanied the learners throughout this village visit, ensuring a rich and educational experience.



Learners of Grade IX and XI went to Dakshin Chitra as part of their Utsav field visit. The learning during this visit was both immersive and experiential. The learners enjoyed exploring the various cultural settings and their intricate detailing from various states of the country. The learners relished the traditional Kerala Sadhya and North Indian cuisines for lunch. Learners of grade X also visited the Marundheeshwarar Temple to experience the magnificent architecture of the mesmerising temple.