The Mind-Map Method to Decision Making

November 12, 2022

High school is fun and challenging. At the same time, it comes along with making multiple decisions every single day, regardless of what else might be going on in your life. Waiting for that moment of ‘perfect mental clarity’ is not usually practical. How about a simple mind map that may make today a little less hard for you?


Answer these simple questions. You can make it easy for yourself by forming a buddy system with a friend.


What is your purpose today?

What do you have at hand?

How do you put it all together?


Here are the five things you may choose to bear in mind while adopting the mind map technique:

  • Make sure you are sufficiently informed and disregard all conflicts of interest;
  • Give value to information and document it;
  • Take account of all relevant factors and ignore any irrelevant ones – set priorities;
  • Think through actions that are within your power and try to act upon them;
  • Always make decisions that are within your range.


Wondering if you will still fail? It is an informed decision now that you have done your best with what you know and what you have acquired. No one is free from making errors, so just make sure you revisit and update your knowledge from time to time, so that you can tune your actions and decisions accordingly.