International Space Science Conference, 2019

Mekala and Saketh of class X were part of ‘Best Performers’ of ‘Go 4 Guru’ essay writing competition. A waiver of Rs.25,000/- against overall NASA trip as their prize, gave them an opportunity to visit NASA, Kennedy Space Centre. On the final day at NASA, the best performers shortlisted earlier were requested to write an essay on the spot. Saketh won the ‘Kalpana Chawla Award’ and Mekala received the ‘Space Explorer award’ for the same. It was a wonderful trip and the students were able to experience so many aspects that they had read only in books, newspapers and Internet. They also experienced various activities such as the interactive space shuttle take-off simulator, tour of launch pads and got an opportunity to interact with NASA Astronaut Dr. Winston E Scott. – T G Saketh, grade 10