Aruna Sivaramakrishnan

Senior secondary Educator

Interaction and productive engagement with students have been the driving forces for Aruna to take up teaching for a career. She teaches Accountancy to senior school students. She encourages strong conceptual understanding and adopts the ‘Why & How’ technique in the classroom. Her academic qualifications include a Masters in Commerce, Intermediate in Chartered Accountancy and Cost Accountancy and Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning. She has over 12 years of teaching experience and firmly believes that a healthy and empowered class environment is key to effective learning.

Chinnu Merin Mathew

Senior secondary Educator

Chinnu Merin is a Political Science enthusiast who facilitates Political Science, History and Civics. She encourages her students to learn and understand about our society, country and government. She has completed her masters’ degree and also Master of Philosophjy in Political Science. She is committed to make learning interesting and fun, through interactive and engaging teaching strategies. She strives to motivate every student to grow up as a proactive citizen of the nation.

K.V. Shailaja

Senior secondary Educator

Shailaja is a Master’s in Psychology, with specialization in Clinical Psychology. She is presently a research scholar, pursuing a PhD programme in Psychology at the Chennai University. She is a trained de-addiction Counselor and has been a freelance counselor for more than 20 years. A passionate teacher, she believes teaching is not giving children theory and information for them to summate, but what is taught needs to be assimilated, accommodated and rendered ready for application. She endeavours to not merely cover the syllabus but ensures each child is able to internalize within an experiential field.

Manoshakthi N

Senior secondary Educator

Manoshakthi is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. She believes in creating leaders who will lead and make a difference in tomorrow’s world. She is a M.A. and M.Phil in History and holds a masters degree in Human Resource Management. She endeavours to create a stimulating learning environment. She strives to be supportive and approachable to her students and encourages them to express themselves confidently. She incorporates debates, group discussions, role play and paper presentations as teaching methods towards interactive and experiential learning.

Naresh Gopuvarapu

Senior secondary Educator

Naresh is a passionate Physics teacher and constantly tries to adopt interactive and practical teaching strategies. His educational qualifications are across Math, Physics, Computer Science and automobile engineering. Developing new experiments and visual ways of engaging students with class materials are a part of his portfolio and he enjoys them. He believes that a solid foundation in Math makes it easier to learn Physics and helps the student develop independence and confidence.

S. M. Krishnamoorthy

Senior Secondary Educator

S. M. Krishnamoorthy is a passionate Physics teacher, having 30 years of teaching experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics and teaches the senior level students. He prides himself in having been a constant learner and has strived extensively in revising lesson plans, content and instruction methods towards effective learning. He believes in promoting spontaneous scientific thinking. He likes to present even complex topics in a simple manner with real-life examples to ground understanding and kindle curiosity.

S. Mary Malathy

Senior secondary Educator& Exam Coordination

Mary Malathy is an enthusiastic and committed Math. She strives to promote a happy and productive classroom. She strives to demonstrate the importance of mathematics in everyday life. Her lesson plans include videos, games and other fun tools/methods to get her students to stay interested in learning.

Shobana Muraali

Senior secondary Educator

Shobana Muraali is an enthusiastic teacher with over 17 years of experience in teaching Biology. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology and Bachelor’s in Education. She believes in developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude about the subject as this is an important quality of a teacher.She feels that a teacher must maintain a warm and friendly relationship with the students, know their learning style, develop team spirit, respect their views and ideas and create a collaborative work culture.

Sweeta Victor

Senior Secondary Educator

Sweeta is a dedicated teacher with over 15 years of experience. As a facilitator, she encourages her students to apply what they learn to real life and daily tasks. She motivates them to open their minds, expand thinking and develop a global perspective. She creates ample opportunities in her classroom sessions for them to bring out their strengths and ideas, and face the world with zeal and courage.