Bharathi Nathan

Secondary School Educator

Bharathi is a passionate teacher and enjoys working with children. She holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Science and has over 14 years of teaching experience to her credit. She endeavours to make even complex things simple and entertaining for children, for ease of learning and better retention. She makes an effort to include various active learning strategies towards this. She believes in promoting independent thinking and encourages her students to express their thoughts with confidence.

Bhuvaneswari E. M.

Secondary School Educator

Bhuvaneswari is a passionate art teacher. She is a Master’s in Painting from the Govt College of Fine Arts, Chennai and has been a teacher for over 6 years. She loves to explore different mediums along with other crafts such as crochet, embroidery, sewing, knitting, calligraphy and textile designing. She believes everyone should experience art in their lives and every day is a brand new opportunity to grow. She strives to inculcate interest in art and crafts in children.

Erika Chatterjee

Secondary School Educator

Erika is immensely passionate about teaching. She looks for effective and practical teachuing and learning strategies to teach Chemistry to middle and high school students. She has completed her Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry. She believes Science is more interesting and appealing when students learn its applications in real life. Her classes include the ‘How’ and ‘Why’, that kindle the young minds and inculcate the curiosity of learning in them.

Geeta Chaturvedi

Secondary School Educator

Geeta is a postgraduate with more than 15 years of teaching experience across boards. She takes great pride in teaching Hindi and encourages students to communicate in Hindi during II Language classes. She believes that one can speak a language only when they like it and understand it. In addition to teaching, she also believes in inspiring children to achieve their dreams. She strives to update her knowledge in every possible way.

Jezreel Nathania

Secondary School Educator

Jezreel is an enthusiastic, committed educator with a passion to teach English. She holds a Master’s in English and encourages creative expression among her students. She strives to make the text relevant to the context with varied approaches and interactive methods. She endeavours to create a love for the English language among her students and motivates them to express themselves effectively and confidently.

K. Rajeev

Secondary School Educator

K Rajeev is an enthusiastic and multi-talented teacher, who aims to achieve the best in each of his students. He is a Master’s in Botany, and holds advanced diplomas in French, Spanish and German. He is familiar with Chinese and Japanese languages and is a certified CIDTT trainer. He has a rich and varied teaching experience, has served in schools, colleges and has conducted corporate training programs. He has served as Principal, Vice-Principal and head-faculty. He brings a unique and invaluable mix of knowledge and experience to the table.

Lavanya R T

Secondary School Educator

Lavanya is an enthusiastic facilitator who adheres to the adage that “Students are truly ready and able to learn when they feel safe and supported.” She is an experienced teacher and holds degrees in management, psychology, and counselling.

Logeswari J.

Secondary School Educator

Logeswari is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher with a strong desire to incorporate a multidimensional, multicultural teaching metho. With her educational background in Geo-Informatics, she enjoys teaching Geography as cosmic science, linking it with various ideas, concepts, cultures and societies. She believes knowledge of Geography is key to understand the world and its peoples, and make it a better place to live. Her lively, enthusiastic classes include ‘What if’ questions to help young geographers get curious and expand their thinking.

Preethi Srinivasan

Secondary School Educator

Preethi is a passionate educator who believes that learning will definitely enhance the world we live in. She enjoys working with children and exploring the ocean that is English, with them. She was a former International Tennis Player and encourages children to learn life skills through sport that will make them holistic beings.

Rasika Ramakrishna

Secondary School Educator

Rasika Ramakrishna is a young, enthusiastic and proficient mathematics educator looking to break the stereotype that math is complicated and boring. She has a Masters in Mathematics from IIT and a diverse experience ranging from the domains of education and technology to classroom teaching. She believes that mathematics is a way of thinking and wishes to inculcate the same in her students by promoting active learning through various hands-on activities and games. She considers a strong conceptual foundation is paramount and adopts the inquiry-based approach in class, enabling the students to ask questions, discuss and reflect and thus form stronger connections with the concepts.

Sandhya Chandrasekaran

Senior Secondary educator

Sandhya is a passionate facilitator and thrives to connect with the learners of varied age groups. Her academic qualifications include B. COM, CS, LL.B. With corporate exposure, she brings the real life connect to her classrooms in the areas of Business, Finance and Law. She believes in celebrating the uniqueness of each child and enhancing their learning curve by tapping their true potential. Having successfully completed her certificate course in ‘Empowering teachers to reach out to a multi-ability group in the classroom’ by Mirra Educational Trust and ‘Differentiated Instruction made Practical’ from Harvard Graduate School of Education, she truly believes in the spirit of Inclusion and Equity.

Sneha Mishra

Senior Secondary Educator

Sneha is a passionate commerce educator and has fifteen years of experience in the teaching field. She has worked with different age groups of children and has also completed 60 hours of COE online training. She has experience in creating engaging education techniques that help bring the essence of the subject into her students’ daily lives. She likes to volunteer in different school activities. She holds a Master’s degree in Commerce, Diploma in International Business Management and Bachelor in Education.