Anuradha Babu

Mddle School Educator

Anuradha Babu has been with Harishree for over 8 years and finds her calling in engaging young minds productively. She is passionate about the English language and endeavors to instill effective communication skills with good application and flawless grammar. She promotes ‘learning with context’ and consciously incorporates thought provoking debates, discussions and activities to make learning experiential and fun. She believes hardwork, passion and consistency are keys in achieving one’s goals.


Middle School Educator

Aparna is a passionate English language educator, and her mission is to create responsible global citizens by inculcating the spirit of lifelong learning in her students. She promotes inquiry-based learning in her classroom, and encourages wide reading and writing with application. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Stella Maris and has been with Harishree for over 5 years. She loves to watch movies and listen to contemporary music.

Gayatri Gargeya

Middle School Educator

Gayatri Gargeya is passionate Math teacher who wants to make learning Math interesting and fun for her students. With a major in Math at college and a Master’s degree in Computer Applications, she is keen to demystify Math for children. She is also a certified Vedic Math teacher. Gayathri incorporates fun elements like stories, puzzles, riddles, games and other hands-on activities in her sessions to get the children to stay focused in class and enhance their understanding.

Hariharan P

Middle School Educator

Hariharan P holds a Master’s degree in Yoga and a postgraduate diploma in Yoga Therapy. He has undergone Therapist & Teachers’ Training in Yoga and brings rich learning to his class sessions. He believes yoga and yoga training ’empowers’ people and boosts their health and self-confidence. His focus is on Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting in general and on “Vinyasa” for the younger students.

Jenitha Prabhakaran

Middle School Educator

Jenitha Prabhakaran has a deep love for the French language and has completed B2 level in French at L’Alliance Française de Madras, besides a Master’s in Communication. She believes that a new language opens a door to new perspectives and culture; she aims to achieve the same for the students through French. Her classes are interactive where the students are encouraged to think, write and speak in French.

Latha Ramachandra

Middle School Educator

Latha is a motivated teacher, with a major in Mathematics and a certificate in Vedic Maths. She is committed to create an atmosphere that encourages productive learning of Mathematical concepts. She endeavours to explain complicated Mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner to keep her students engaged and take them along with her. She strives to update herself with the new trends in teaching Math from online resources.

Mangalam Ramesh

Middle School Educator

Mangalam Ramesh is a passionate Tamil teacher and has been with Harishree for over 8 years. Her deep love for the language and children helped her give direction to her career. She likes writing Tamil poetry, stories and songs and encourages her students to express themselves in Tamil. She endeavours to instill enthusiasm in her students to learn and use Tamil for creativity and communication.

Meenakshi Krishnakumar

Middle School Educator

Meenakshi is passionate about teaching and loves engaging with children. She is keen to explore creative and innovative methods of teaching and learning. She brings in participation, energy, enthusiasm and positivity into her classroom. She encourages her students to express themselves without fear and creates a space for making mistakes and learning from them.

Ms. Bindhuja Srinivasan

Middle School Educator

Bindhuja is an organized and enthusiastic Science educator, who has worked with students of different age groups. She values every student and has implemented several classroom projects that involve individual and collaborative learning approaches. She believes in establishing classroom environments that are pupil, knowledge and evaluation oriented. Her teaching career has spaned over 13 years. She derives motivation by spending time with children, engaging them and listening to their perspectives.

Ms. Deepali Davey

Middle School Educator

Ms. Deepali is a passionate educator with over 12 years of experience. She has completed her Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Bachelors in Education. She is pursuing her Master’s in English Literature from Madras University. She believes that learning gets more interesting when students get to apply their learning to real life. She is constantly looking at innovative approaches to better her skills in her teaching practices.

Ms. Umamaheshwari

Middle School Educator

Umamaheswari is a Master’s in English from Madras University and a B. Ed from IGNOU. She holds a Diploma in Journalism too. She has been with Harishree since its inception from 2004. Being an enthusiastic and active person, she tries innovative methods like incorporating acronyms, music into teaching, thereby ensuring that the learning process is not stressful, but fun-filled. She strongly believes that inculcating values and good practices in children would help them be a better person.

Rajini Bala

Middle School Educator Rajini Bala Acharya is a charismatic and a dependable facilitator with 10 years of

teaching experience. She is committed to providing learners with necessary tools to achieve academic goals, instilling love of learning and cooperative teamwork. She has completed her Master’s degree in Economics with Bachelor of Education. As a Social Studies facilitator, she integrates current events into their lessons and also facilitates healthy debates and classroom discussions.

Revathi M.

Middle School Educator

Revathy Mohanan is a passionate Tamil teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Tamil Literature. Her deep love for the language and children helped her give direction to her career. She encourages her students to express themselves in Tamil and uses fun activities/games to emphasize grammar concepts. She endeavours to instill enthusiasm in her students to learn and use Tamil for creativity and communication. She has been a teacher for over 10 years and brings her rich and varied experience to her profession.

Rohini G.

Middle School Educator

Rohini has a great passion for teaching Tamil and make it easy and fun for her students. With a Master’s degree in Tamil along with qualifications in Commerce and Teacher’s Training, she also has an advanced diploma in Montessori Education to her credit. She has been in teaching for over 5 years and inspires her students with her proficiency, focus, patience and confidence. Her vision is to create an interest in the students in learning Tamil, for them to imbibe the wealth of knowledge in Tamil literature.

Shashikala Varadarajan

Middle School Educator

Shashikala.V is a zealous teacher when it comes to her practical approach and innovative ways of teaching. She holds a Master’s degree in Physics and Bachelor degree in education. She has been a teacher for 30 years and has got her learners enthralled to learn Physics and Chemistry across grades all her life. She believes in simplifying abstract Science to real life concepts to make it easy and exciting for her students. s what children look forward to in her classes.

Shweta Rathi

Middle School Educator

Shweta is a passionate teacher and loves teaching Science. She makes her lessons absorbing and experiential. She is serious about mentoring students. Her lesson plans involve demonstrations, lectures, discussions and hands on experiments. She is keen on expanding education beyond the classroom into every facet of the students’ life. Student engagement and achievement are her mantras for an effective classroom. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics along with MCA, BL and teacher’s training.

Sridharan Gopalan

Middle School Educator

G Sridharan is a dedicated and approachable teacher who strives to bring the best out of every one of his students. He is a double shiromani (M.A) holder from Madras Sanskrit College and has also completed his M.PHIL in Sanskrit from University of Madras. Through his friendly and interactive lessons he endeavours to inspire his students to develop a deep love for the Sanskrit language.

Tabitha Maryann Abraham

Middle School Educator

Tabitha is an enthusiastic Math teacher and loves to work with children. She holds a Master’s in Math and has over 3 years experience in IB and IGCSE curriculum. She encourages children to speak the Math they do and takes every opportunity to relate their learning to real life examples. She is keen to eliminate fear and anxiety of Math in her students, and help them treat it as a tool for life.

Upanisha K

Middle School Educator

Upanisha is a passionate teacher who aims at providing an interactive learning environment for the students. She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Geo Informatics Engineering. She uses new technology and interactive software to make her classes interesting and interactive.

Yamini Priya D.

Middle School Educator

Yamini has a thirst for knowledge, loves to discover creative teaching strategies and is passionate about teaching science. She holds an M.Phil. degree in Nutrition and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education. She is committed to update herself in the field of science education, by taking advantage of professional development opportunities. She encourages her students to ask questions and gain goopd conceptual understanding.