Children’s Day

The Children’s Day celebration this year was absolutely stellar. Seeing our dear Acharyas take time out of their busy schedules, to put together a program for us, was truly touching. From the beginning to the very end, there wasn’t one program that didn’t end with a huge thunder of applause. The program started with a soothing music medley by the Acharyas, followed by a beautifully composed Bharatanatyam dance performance. We laughed a lot when we were shown a very relatable collection of memes, and this was followed by mimicry performances of our favourite movie stars. Our Acharyas even dressed up in costumes and enacted a skit for us. Just when we thought the program couldn’t have been better, our Sirs got onto the stage with an energetic and amazingly choreographed dance, which got all of us on our feet to cheer for them. Overall, it was a wonderful day, and personally for us 12th graders, this was such an amazing memory to cherish in our last year of schooling. Thank you so much Acharyas!