Annual Day – Primary

Vana Aradhana – Animal Kingdom

Students of grade II explored the theme Vana Aradhana by taking a walk through the jungle and singing songs related to the animal world. An energetic dance depicting the various kinds of animal moves and a theatrical performance gave them an opportunity to spread the message of empathy towards animals.


Sasya Aradhana – Plant Kingdom

Students of grade III had an opportunity to look into the importance of growing plants in their surroundings through events like songs, a serene semi classical dance, a dynamic play and a radiant folk dance highlighting the importance of harvest.


Vasudha Aradhana – Landforms

The theme Vasudha Aradhana was portrayed beautifully by the students of grade IV. They were able to depict the significance of reducing, reusing and recycling the materials in order to conserve the natural habitats through various acts. Students gave a splendid musical performance, an extravagant classical dance and a thematic play emphasizing on this theme.


Prakrithi Aradhana – Five Elements

Students of grade V had five elements as the theme of their annual day. They expressed their devotion through a prayer, a medley of songs on the balance of the elements and paid homage to Water‖s fluidity and joy through a dance. The drama connected us with how mythology patronizes the 5 elements and the finale dance of Shiva Tandavam connected us with the underlying rhythm of the universe.