Annual Day – High School

Prajna – Salutations to Ancient Gurus

The annual day of grade IX was inaugurated on an auspicious note with the prayer, as is the custom in Hari Shree. Grade IX took the parents and other students through the theme, Brahma Yajna, which is a ritual involving the worship of the vedas, ancient scriptures, and the rishis. The events of the day began with a dance, presented in 5 parts, about the importance of fire, the representation of diyas as positive energy, the sun‖s radiation as power, and the chakras present in the body. Following the dance, a song ‘naan’ composed by the tamil poet Bharathiyar was presented by the music students. Next, a visual representation of today‖s world and how we can bridge the gap between our ancient scriptures and modern influencers was enacted through a theatre performance. The drama highlighted the role and importance of the scriptures even today. In accordance with the fusion dance about agni and diyas, an energetic western dance was choreographed keeping in mind the traditional theme. The dance depicted how scriptures can help us connect to the Gods through the powerful energies within the rishis. As a closing performance, the art students were duly honored and videos about the behind-the-scenes practices were shown to bring about a light and humorous atmosphere.

– Vaathsalya Deepak, Grade IX


Kaarunyam – Celebrating Humanity

Students of grade XI came together to showcase their talents through ―Kaarunyam‖ – Celebrating Humanity, as the theme of their annual day. Every student was given an opportunity to participate in events such as music, dance, theatre and street play. Each event focussed on segments of humanity like ―world peace and what it takes to be a good human‖. Every item was impactful highlighting the theme of the year. The Proficiency award ceremony gave renewed confidence, encouragement and recognition to the efforts of the students.

– Shivani Senthilkumar, Chenchulaxmi S.Suresh, Sahana Sukumaran, Grade XI