A Day for the Children

On this Children’s Day, the teachers of our school put together a specially curated event consisting of a variety of arts. We were greeted with a melodious composition played on the veena, followed by our talented teachers tapping along to the beat and showcasing their creativity and artistic skill in the form of a gracefully choreographed dance. A thoughtfully written Tamil poem was recited which brought about a sensation of awe of the beauty of our native language. Verses written about school and the students were brought to life by the teachers in a rhythmic dance sequence. The teachers enacted a humorous play, that was thoroughly enjoyed. The teachers came together to depict a scenario where they acted as carefree children and entertained the audience with their antics. These performances were followed by heart-warming speeches, including one from our dear Principal acharya. The grand finale was the heartfelt wishes from all the teachers.

– Ishaan Kumar G, Grade IX & Varsha Karthik, Grade X