Management & Leadership

Mr. MAMR Muthiah

Chairman and Managing Director, Chettinad Group

Hailing from the illustrious Chettinad family known for philanthropy, Shri MAMR Muthiah Ayyappan is a dynamic industrialist and a visionary known for his business acumen and management skills. His foray into a multitude of new initiatives have paved way for diversification and establishment of several new organizations.

Smt. Geetha Muthiah

Director, Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam

Smt. Geetha Muthiah, Chancellor of Chettinad Academy of Research and Education, Trustee of Group of Institutions and Service Entities and Director of Chettinad Niyogaa – Education & Services wing of the Chettinad Group, is the wife of Shri M.A.M.R Muthiah. A graduate from Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania, USA, she is a recipient of the All American Scholar Award.


Her humanistic approach inspires the organisation to create an environment that is caring, culturally rooted where learning is a joyful discovery. A visionary and philanthropist, Smt. Geetha Muthiah’s vision is to empower the organisation to offer a transformational education that aims to develop creative, collaborative, adaptable and resilient individuals who are ethical and compassionate, contributing to a sustainable future.

Mrs. Trayee Sinha

Management Representative, Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam

Mrs. Trayee Sinha is the Management Representative of Chettinad Harishree Vidyalayam With over 2 decades in education, Ms. Trayee Sinha is the Vice President of Chettinad – Niyogaa, the Education and Service division of the Chettinad Group. She started her career as a Montessorian with a goal of making a mark in early childhood education. Ms. Trayee joined a premium corporate chain of pre-schools, where she ascended to National Coordinator. Her aspiration towards structured, standardized and value-based learning was instrumental in driving her to establish and expand corporate brands in schooling across India. In an era of rapid changes in the education world, she has been a curriculum developer, trainer, mentor with leading brands of education before joining the Chettinad group a decade back. She believes that learning is at its best when it is hands-on and that an inspiring educator understands the learning style of the child and facilitates a joyful and active learning environment. Ms.Trayee Sinha in her current role with the Chettinad Group, heads the functional aspects of all the education and service entities under the division.

Dr. Gayathri Deepak


Dr. Gayathri Deepak’s doctoral research in the field of Human Development was in the area of Curriculum and Cognitive Development, for which her thesis won critical acclaim from Indian as well as foreign examiners. She has worked in various roles including researcher, college lecturer, teacher, teacher trainer, academic advisor and whole school leader. She has worked with CIE International Curriculum for more than 15 years and is a consultant for schools with other curricula too. As a whole school leader,sheworked in a highly reputed international school in the Middle East, which is a CIE Centre offering the Cambridge International Programs from Years 1 to 13, a member school of CIS and is also accredited by NCA (formerly CITA, now Advanc-Ed). She chaired the committees for the CITA/NCA and CIS Self-Studies done by the school.

Ms. Gowri Sivashankar

Senior Prinicipal

A masters in English with a rich experience of over 25 years in education, she has done extensive work in the field of language teaching and employability skills in schools and colleges. Deeply interested in curriculum design and teacher training, she is passionate about creating engaging classrooms for children. She believes that a nurturing relationship between the teacher and the taught is fundamental to learning.

Ms. Jasmine


A masters in Computer Applications and a graduate in Physics with an experience of 17 years in ICSE and ISC. She is passionate about creating an experiential and reflective learning environment true to the vision of the School.

Ms. Ganga Krishnamurthy

Vice Principal

Ms. Ganga has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, a postgraduate degree in English, a Bachelor’s in Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Supervision. She has been a passionate educator for 15 years and a Vice Principal for three years. Ganga has served as coordinator for the International School Award for the British Council and enjoys designing cross-curricular learning experiences with a global perspective. She believes the best learning happens in a joyful atmosphere and strives to nurture 21st century skills in students. She has been associated with debating for a decade and has been an adjudicator of debates at the international level.

Team Niyogaa

Administration Team

Niyogaa is the education and service wing of the Chettinad Group. It leads the Chettinad institutions towards a common vision. The team helps provide quality care, wellness and educational services to the society through a talented team, desirous to work with integrity, sanctity and commitment. Hari Shree Vidyalayam is closely monitored by this team.

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Ms. Padmaja Mani

ISC and ICSE Coordinator

A masters in Commerce, Ms. Padmaja has been associated with Harishree for over 16 years. She started her career as a banker and found the hidden teacher in her while teaching Bharatanatyam in a dance school. She believes that nothing can be learnt in isolation and learning any subject needs to be integrated with real life. She encourages her students to reflect on their activities and aims to inculcate the joy of learning in them.

Mrs. Seethalakshmi Ramesh

Middle School Coordinator

Ms. Seethalakshmi is an enthusiastic teacher with a rich experience of over 23 years. She has taught Economics, Computer Science across the ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE curriculums. She has been associated with Hari Shree for the past 6 years. She believes in teaching from her heart and connecting one-on-one with her students. She strives to relate her teaching to real life scenarios.

Ms. Janani Iyer

Primary Co-ordinator

A postgraduate, Ms. Janani Iyer is a passionate history teacher and aspires to instill the same love for the subject in her students. She is a CICTL trained teaching practitioner and constantly seeks to create inquiry-based learning processes for children. She is also a strong advocate for independent learning and believes that when children develop the spirit for inquiry and the drive to explore they naturally enter into deeper learning and become lifelong learners. An avid reader and motivator, she creates the interest in teachers to work collaboratively to create authentic learning experiences for children.

Ms. Abirami

Montessori Coordinator

Ms. Abirami holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Industrial Relations. She is also a certified Montessori teacher. Introduced to Harishree as a parent, she was inspired to take up the Montessori teacher’s training, after observing her daughter work with the Montessori materials. She believes that understanding people is key to healthy interaction and mutual learning. She has been with Harishree for over 11 years and endeavours to create a learning environment of creativity and collaboration. She derives motivation from creating new learning materials based on the Montessori principles and strives to create a platform to share the same with her colleagues.

Ms. Hemamalini Sivakumar

Senior secondary Educator&Event Coordinator

Ms. Hemamalini is an enthusiastic teacher who brings engaging lessons to the English classroom. A Cambridge certified teacher with a masters degree in English, B.Ed and 18 years’ experience in education, she is committed to a student centric approach in her teaching-learning practices. She strives to develop in students an appreciation for literature. She promotes clarity and excellence in communication, both written and verbal and makes it the focal point of her classroom.

Ms. Rajeswari Subramanian

Senior School Educator&Subject Lead – Maths

Ms. Rajeswari Subramaniam is a competent and enthusiastic Math teacher. She has been an educator for over 21 years and has also served as ICSE and ISC examiner. Her thirst to learn more has led her to pursue her masters in Psychology and she is enjoying tne ride. With rich experience in curriculum framing and creating a video library, she is extensively involved in social outreach programmes, international exchange programmes and co-curricular activities.

Ms. Gowri Sankari P

Subject Lead – Science

With master’s degrees in chemistry and in education, Ms. Gowri has over 27 years of experience in CBSE and Cambridge schools in India. She believes in being organized, dependable and reflective, which she tries to role-model to her students. She endeavours to work collaboratively with peers at all grade levels and members of the subject team. She strives to provide quality learning experiences for her students as well as contribute to her fellow colleagues’ professional development.

Mr. Dhiyaneshwaran R

Senior secondary Educator & Subject Lead – Art

A painter, illustrator, concept artist and an enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Dhiyaneshwaran holds a master’s degree Fine Arts with over six years of teaching experience and ten years of field experience with two State Awards. He enjoys creating art along with his students and takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge about the history and evolution of art with his students and peers. He encourages his his students to experience art and understand how it can impact their lives.

Ms. Rohini Praneeth

Senior Secondary Educator & Subject Lead – Computer Science

Ms. Rohini is passionate about teaching computer science and endeavours to get her students to learn with interest and involvement. She has a Master’s degree in software engineering. She believes in inquiry based learning as an approach to equip students with the 21st century skills.

Mr. Dharani

ICSE Teacher and Subject Lead – Tamil

Mr. M.Dharani is a master’s in Tamil and is the head of the department. He has over 16 years of rich experience teaching Tamil. He believes in goal-oriented learning and encourages his students to do the same. He encourages his students to converse in Tamil and bring it to life in his classroom.

Ms. Seema Singh

ICSE Teacher & Subject Lead – Hindi

A master’s in Hindi and a master’s in Education, Ms. Seema Singh has been a teacher for over 16 years in CBSE and ICSE. She believes in a student centric approach and infuses passion and creativity into her classes to make Hindi interesting to students.