Anupama Parthasarathy

Yoga Trainer

Anupama Parthasarathy is a passionate yoga teacher who firmly believes in starting young. She is a professional yoga traoner and is currently undergoing advanced training at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, one of the most reputed yoga schools. She believes in the aspects of form and function in yoga and strives to create a balance between the two while teaching.

Geetha Kannan

Yoga Trainer

Geetha Kannan is a passionate yoga teacher who is keen to inculcate in children the importance of yoga practice. She believes in starting kids early with yoga for it to become a way of life. She believes yoga and yoga training ’empowers’ children and boosts their health and self-confidence.

Gomadhi Mohan

Music Trainer – Primary

Gomadhi holds a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Rukmini Devi College of Fine Arts, Kalakshetra Foundation with Bharatnatyam as Major and Music/Carnatic Vocal as subsidiary. She has been with Harishree for over 4 years and enjoys working with children. She believes art and music are essential elements to make one’s life a complete one. She engages her students in discussions and exchanges about different art forms and encourages them to share their opinions, interests and perspectives.

Nirmal Raj I.

Physical Education Trainer

Nirmal Raj is a qualified PE teacher with a long tenure of over 15 years at Harishree. He is an enthusiastic educator and firmly believes that good health and physical fitness drive one’s self-esteem and confidence. He is a passionate badminton player and an ardent trainer. An efficient organizer and administrator, he works with all teachers, students and the management seamlessly.


Physical Education Trainer

Priya is a passionate and an enthusiastic physical fitness trainer.She holds a Bachelor’s degree in physical education along with a MBA degree in Sports Management and has been a teacher for almost 5 years.She believes that children should be encouraged to explore various sports and enjoy the spirit of the game as a team.

P. Senthil

Physical Education Trainer

Senthil is a very passionate and an enthusiastic Physical Education & Fitness Trainer. He has been a teacher for over 16 years, that includes a 7-year association with Harishree. He is passionate about cricket, and has been a coach for 15 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Therapy and a H.P.ED degree in physical education. He firmly believes that children should be encouraged to explore various sports and understand the importance of teamwork to maintain the spirit of the game.

Padmapriya K.

Art Trainer

Padmapriya is a practicing artist and a passionate art & crafts teacher. She is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai. She has 2+ years of experience in teaching art to primary level students. She is passionate about painting and creating art using a variety of mediums such as watercolour, collage, paints and clay. She appreciates the creativity in each individual and provides a flexible working model for the children to grown in their own way.


Art Trainer

Parameswari has a Master’s degree in Family Resource Management and a bachelors in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service Management. Information Technology and Management. She was enamoured by the Montessori philosophy and pursued a diploma in Montessori from IMTC, Chennai. She believes that when exposed to the Montessori method of learning from very early, children develop a great sense of order, coordination, concentration, and independence. Her love for art and craft led her to explore the role of a art trainer. She enjoys her new role and strives to encourage creativity and imagination in the children.

Pooja Tiwari


Pooja Tiwari comes with over 9 years of experience in Library Sciences. She has served academic institutuions and corporates, and has rich hands-on experience in library setup and management. She holds a Master’s degree in Library & Information Sciences (MLIS), after a diploma in the same . Her love for books and reading led her to visit her local library often and she found her calling in pursuing Library Sciences for her career.

R. Rajkumar

Physical Education Trainer

Rajkumar is a creative and organized Physical Education Teacher, with extensive experience in classroom administration, professional development and project planning. He is student-centric and champions student achievements while promoting a safe and positive learning environment. He has worked as a trainer and motivational coach with several fitness clubs and sports facilities.

Rajkumar K

Art Trainer

Rajkumar K has completed his Master’s in Fine Arts at one of the reputed colleges in Chennai. With nine years of experience as an art teacher, he brings creativity, hardwork and encouragement to the table. He believes every child is creative in his/her own way and it is the duty and challenge of the art teacher to ‘sow the seeds of imagination’ to feed this creative hunger.

Sai Divya

Art Trainer

An artist by profession and passion, Sai Divya is a resourceful, imaginative and creative trainer with exposure to an array of art mediums. She enjoys her role as an art teacher and strives to instill in her students, an aesthetic sense and appreciation. She encourages her students to draw inspiration from the world around them and express themselves through their art with confidence.