Erika Chatterjee

Secondary School Educator Erika is immensely passionate about teaching. She looks for effective and practical teachuing and learning strategies to teach Chemistry to middle and high school students. She has completed her Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry. She believes Science is more interesting and appealing when students learn its applications in real life. Her classes […]

Shanti Sekar

Primary Educator Shanti is a primary educator who has been with Harishree for the past 11 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Indhira Gandhi Open University. Also trained in the Montessori method of pedagogy, she believes every child is unique and this uniqueness is his/her power. She is committed to building a […]

Aruna K.

Senior secondary Educator Ms. Aruna Kalyansundar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Master’s in Human Resources, PGDMM from LIBA. She has rich experience in education, training and development, spanning over 20+ years. Her focus is on building a wide variety of pedagogical methods to suit different types of learners. She strives to make […]

Nateshkumari R.

Montessori Educator Nateshkumari.R is an engineering graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering. A trained Montessori teacher, she found her calling in working with young children. Radha endeavours to create a nurturing environment for the children. She takes special effort in making learning fun, interesting and encourages the child to take ownership of his work. She […]

R. Rajkumar

Physical Education Trainer Rajkumar is a creative and organized Physical Education Teacher, with extensive experience in classroom administration, professional development and project planning. He is student-centric and champions student achievements while promoting a safe and positive learning environment. He has worked as a trainer and motivational coach with several fitness clubs and sports facilities.

Meenakshi Krishnakumar

Middle School Educator Meenakshi is passionate about teaching and loves engaging with children. She is keen to explore creative and innovative methods of teaching and learning. She brings in participation, energy, enthusiasm and positivity into her classroom. She encourages her students to express themselves without fear and creates a space for making mistakes and learning […]

Saranya R

Primary Educator Saranya took to teaching to make a difference in the lives of children. She engages actively with her students and promotes a healthy, joyful, responsible working environment. An engineering graduate, she found her calling in teaching. She makes an attempt to connect with every individual child and provide what he/she needs to pave […]

N. P. Mathankumar

Senior secondary Educator Mathankumar is a dedicated and ambitious high school Math teacher. He holds a M Phil degree in Math and has more than 14 years of teaching experience. He is committed to create an atmosphere that encourages productive learning of Mathematical concepts. He endeavours to explain complicated Mathematical concepts in an easily understandable […]


Primary Educator Latha is a passionate teacher and facilitator. She strongly believes that the future of the world is in her classroom and a teacher is the person who makes a difference in a child’s life every single day. She has a background in Science and works to create an open and supportive learning space […]


Physical Education Trainer Priya is a passionate and an enthusiastic physical fitness trainer.She holds a Bachelor’s degree in physical education along with a MBA degree in Sports Management and has been a teacher for almost 5 years.She believes that children should be encouraged to explore various sports and enjoy the spirit of the game as […]