Yoga, which means ‘Union’ or Connection’ is the engagement of the mind, body and breath. Its benefits are manifold

  • improved flexibility of the body
  • increased strength, stamina and energy levels
  • improvement in breath levels
  • focus of mind
  • better discipline, confidence and concentration
  • enhancement of skills and learning

In order to achieve the vast benefits which yoga can provide, it is essential to engage the mind to connect to the body and to the breath as we practice yoga asanas. Regular practise of yoga is of great relevance today, given the increase in sedentary lifestyles that involve less or very little physical work. Added to this is more work at a mental level, which in turn causes stress. Controlling body movements through Asanas and the breath through Pranayama eventually leads to the control of the mind as our body, breath and mind are interconnected.

At Hari Shree, yoga is a co curricular activity and students are encouraged to pursue yoga as a way of life. They are taught the importance of sitting erect and correcting one’s posture with regular yoga practice. Correct posture helps in improving confidence, concentration, which also helps them learn better. It also averts future health issues that may arise because of sedentary lifestyles. Chants like ‘OM’ increase focus, balancing postures help children understand their constitution, make them focussed and calm whereas challenging and dynamic vinyasa sequences interest and energize them.

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