World Music Day

21st June – Hari Shree celebrates World Music Day

World Music Day was celebrated with much fervour on June 21.

This year’s program started off with a program by Cornerstone, a heterogeneous band that performed for classes VI to XII. The band sang vibrantly and brought to life popular western songs from the late 60’s that were much enjoyed by the children.

Later in the day, the younger children were treated to two performances by student groups. The first rendition by the school’s own Acapella band found the senior children of the school enthralling their younger friends with a unique performance that involved music sans instruments. The final program for the day was a musical rendition by the student choir from PSBB K.K.Nagar, who performed a group song.The visiting student musicians also received certificates of appreciation from the host students.

Music Day was a culmination of a week-long preparation for the grand day. Children unleashed their creativity and designed posters, certificates and mementos for the guests. It was these creative expressions that were presented as mementos to the musicians.

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