Culture is an inherent part of learning at Hari Shree. 

UTSAV is a salutation and celebration of our culture.

The session by the Dhananjayans, on the culture and traditions of our country, marked the beginning of the Utsav celebrations this year. The students of grades VI to VIII were the lucky audience for this session. Ms. Seethalakshmi’s session on the mouth-watering flavours of our forgotten, traditional food – Parambariya Unavu, was indeed a treat to the ears and mouths of the young grade 6 students. Indian ethnicity is woven into the very fabric of our living. Mr. Amarnath oriented the students of grade 7 on the Indian Weaves and Prints. The World Craft Council also conducted a workshop for students on weaving and craft using palm leaves. Erika acharya and Bhuvaneshwari acharya facilitated sessions on block printing using vegetables & paint and tie and dye, respectively. Ancient temples are not just places of worship but also well planned sites of conservation. Ms. Chitra Madhavan brought out the designs of water harvesting in temples. Ms. Pavithra Srinivasan’s interactive session on the transforming aspect of Art and Culture made the students of grade VIII aware of the evolving nature of the two concepts. The students of Grades VI, VII and VIII also enjoyed a perfect combination of dance, by Ms. Kavya Muralidharan, music by Ms. Sudha Raja & Mr. Murali, and Katha by Ms. Janaki Sabesh.


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