The Vizha

This month, CHSV conducted its sixth inter-school cultural event, The Vizha. With 17 events and students from around 20 schools participating, the Vizha was a grand cultural extravaganza that proved to be an enriching experience. The chief guest, Mr. RJ Balaji set the tone for the event with his inspiring opening speech. Organized efficiently by the twelfth graders, ably supported by the eleventh graders, The Vizha was a wonderful amalgamation of excitement, talent and culture. Events like Bop till you Drop, Shipwreck, Gully Boy and Band Wars were extremely popular, with students gathered in the auditorium to watch schools battle it out on stage. After a day filled with countless activities like dance, music, comedy and cooking, PSBB KK Nagar emerged as the overall winners. We thank the school and our teachers for their undeterred support. Another notable highlight was the food court, where students from different schools flocked together to enjoy the wide variety of delicious snacks. Vizha 2019 was a great experience and we now eagerly await next year’s edition. (Vizha Core Team – C Sowmya, S Nida, Aditya, Ashank, D Devan Kochar, M.S. Pranav)

- Adithya Karthikeyan Sivakumar, grade XII

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