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It was yet another success story to be retold in the annals of the Global Exchanges that Harishree has been pursuing. This time it was the visit to Blackfen School for Girls, Sidcup, London, by Hemamalini and Sivakamasundari acharyas.

This visit entailed learning in many forms, both for the guests and the host. Sharing happened in various aspects such as curriculum, teaching methodologies, discipline strategies, culture & tradition and much more.

The students, teaching faculty and the administration showed equal enthusiasm in participating in the exchange. The whole week was dedicated as the International Week which culminated in the International Evening. Many activities were organized for the International Evening. This included a traditional dance by the visiting teachers, fashion show in international costumes by teachers and students, international cuisine, mehendi corner and much more. The goal of this event was to raise funds for a street school in Kalpakkam, near Chennai, which Blackfen has been visiting as a part of this exchange. This event was graced by the Mayor of Bexley, the Head Teacher of Blackfen, teachers, students and parents.

The Hari Shree teachers were given a heartfelt goodbye by all at Blackfen.

Follow the link below to more about the visit and the International Evenin:

The Head Teacher, Mr. Brown expresses his views about the exchange and the visit in his blog:

Mr Brown’s thoughts for the day

Tuesday 7 May 2013

This week we are honoured to welcome two colleagues from our partner school in Chennai, India. Two teachers from Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam arrived yesterday to join us for a week of sharing learning and teaching practice. Hema and Sundari have already been involved in lessons, on human rights and will be helping to teach a dance and mathematics class later this week.

Students have been asking our visitors about how they live, if they have bathrooms, wi-fi and clean water to drink, which they of course do. Partnerships like this can help to combat the lack of knowledge and prejudice many of us have about other countries, cultures and ethnicity, much of which is fuelled by the media.  This will ultimately combat stereotypes and hopefully racism.

The visit from our partner school also marks the start of International Week here at Blackfen, where we explore different ways of living, eating, playing and working across the curriculum. On Friday, we end our week with a whole evening celebration, with a fashion show, international food, music and stalls. Click here for more information. Why not join us for a friendly and lively end to the week.

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