Thamizh Dhinam

Hari Shree’s founder, Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiyar’s 115th birthday was celebrated as Tamizh Day, with a lot of fervour. On this day, students and acharyas involved themselves in various performances. The students witnessed a dance called Pinnal Kolattam, in which the dancers gracefully move with colourful ropes to tie and untie various intricate braid patterns. There was also a very insightful skit. The performances ended on a fun note, with an energetic debate on the topic, ‘Kind Teachers or Firm Teachers?’, followed by a session with Mr. Ka Pazhaniappan, our chief guest, who spoke in praise of the Tamizh language. Overall, it was a grand and memorable celebration. Our Tamizh Day celebrations happened on August 7th, to celebrate our founder’s 115th birthday. The chief guest for the day was Mr. R P Shravan. We were treated to dance, music and drama performances. A few students gracefully danced to the famous song, ‘Kumi Adi’. Through a short skit, we learnt more about the lives of Avaiyaar and Bharathiyar, some of the most famous Tamizh poets and writers. It was a really fun experience.

- Dipika Srinivasan, grade V and Kavya Ramaswamy, grade VII

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