Teaching – Junior Campus

Ms. Abirami

Ms. Abirami has a Post-graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations and a Diploma in Montessori training. Introduced to Hari Shree as a parent, Abirami was inspired to do her Montessori training after watching her kindergarten daughter work and learn with the Montessori materials. ‘Being with children gives me a positive energy that I carry with me for the rest of the day. This job offers me the opportunity to learn much more than any other job, just by watching the children and imbibing their energy and intelligence’, says Abirami.
Ms. Jayashree

Ms. Jayashree is an Engineer by qualification and early work experience. She worked as a software engineer in the IT industry for 10 years before taking up her current assignment as a teacher. She has been with Hari Shree for two years now and is Montessori-trained. Jayashree started taking active participation in the activities of the Junior Campus as a parent volunteer. As she started enjoying her time with children more and more, she took up the first opportunity that came her way. ‘It is an enriching and fun-filled experience to work with children. I consider my time at Hari Shree well-spent and I look forward to continued learning and contribution in the years to come’, says Jayashree.
Ms. Mala

Ms. Mala has been a Montessori teacher for many years and is one of the earliest faculty members in Hari Shree. Though originally from a corporate environment, Mala has associated herself with children and their education all through, by way of homework help and tutoring for primary school children, especially the under-privileged. Mala’s introduction to Hari Shree was as a parent volunteer to teach Gita chanting for the school assembly. ‘Being with children, we have enough opportunities to bring out our potential and talent. I am very happy being a teacher’, says Mala.
Ms. Padma – Pre Primary School Coordinator

Pleasant in her approach and organized in her work, Ms. Padma holds a Master’s degree in Economics and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She brings to the table, a rich and diverse teaching experience through her stints at Modern Montessori International, Singapore and Elite English School, Dubai. Padma has always loved to work with Kindergarten students. She heard about Hari Shree through her friends and made it her first choice for a workplace, when she relocated to Chennai. ‘I am very happy spending time with children. When I teach them, I learn a lot too. I am very satisfied and happy at the end of each day’, says Padma.
Ms. Parameswari

Ms. Parameswari is a thorough Montessorian with a Master’s degree in Science and a Diploma in Montessori training. She has worked in Abacus Montessori, before joining Hari Shree 3 years ago. Parameswari feels it is the responsibility of each and every teacher to be a role-model to her group of children, to be careful in what she/he speaks or does, to be dedicated and give one’s best effort. ‘Life-long learning happens only in a teaching career, so I have chosen to be a teacher’, she says.
Ms. Preetha

Ms. Preetha holds a Diploma in Montessori training from CMTC, Chennai. Originally from a corporate environment, Preetha made a switch to teaching and working with children after her son was born. Aspiring for a career in education backed by demonstrated ability to teach, motivate and contribute, she is now dedicated to providing quality education and care for young children at Hari Shree. ‘I was greatly inspired by the Montessori method of education. I was amazed at the respect and trust it vests in the child and makes learning spring-board from there on. I am very happy to be a Montessorian’, says Preetha.
Ms. C. Rekha

Ms. Rekha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Diploma in Montessori training. She has been in the teaching profession for a decade, and has been teaching in Hari Shree for almost 6 years. Rekha is very enthusiastic about working with children and believes that children should learn in a systematic and a fun-filled way. ‘I find this job challenging and satisfying. One needs to demonstrate sincerity, creativity and affection to the children to create a healthy environment for them. And of course, I love all the art & craft we do’, says Rekha.
Ms. Sandhya

Ms. Sandhya holds a Master’s degree in Management and a Diploma in Montessori training. She worked in the Consulting/IT industry for over 12 years before taking up a teaching career. As a student, Sandhya was involved in teaching, by taking tuitions, helping under-privileged children from her neighbourhood with school work and teaching spoken English. During her stay in the U.S., she has been an active volunteer in city libraries offering reading help, basic computer education, story-telling, homework help etc. Sandhya enjoys working with children. ‘I look forward to coming to school. Unlike a corporate job where the focus is on what I take back home, I go home with a free mind. My focus is on what more I can bring back in learning and spirit the next morning’, says Sandhya.
Ms. Shanta Kumari Sekar

Ms. Shanta Kumari or Shanthi, has been with Hari Shree for over 5 years. She holds a Diploma in Montessori training from the prestigious IMA institute in Bangalore, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in English literature. She worked as a head teacher in a Montessori school for several years, before joining Hari Shree. Shanthi always wanted to be a teacher and cannot visualize herself in any other career. She feels her core strength is her adaptability to any environment, which is key to the Montessori approach of ‘follow the child’. ‘I have learnt a lot, working with children. Hari Shree offers a very conducive atmosphere for teachers to work and learn, on the job. There is a right mix of freedom, motivation and appreciation here, and that keeps me thinking along new lines and being more and more creative’, she says.
Ms. Seethalakshmi Subramanian

An Engineering graduate who started her career as a software professional, Seethalakshmi worked in the IT Industry for around 6 years. Her passion for teaching and interest in spending time with young children motivated her to do a full time Montessori training at the Indian Montessori Training Centre (IMTC). She went on to work for Vruksha Montessori and Dreamflower Montessori schools in Chennai. An enthusiastic and committed person, she believes that the right attitude guides us in the right direction and creates a positive environment, creating the energy required to feel optimistic and face any challenge that might come our way. Hailing from a musical family, Seethalakshmi is also a singer and musician who takes interest in tuning new songs and rhymes for children. A proud montessorian inspired by the words of Dr.Montessori – ‘Help the child help himself/herself’, she aims at helping children attain their potential by creating an environment conducive to their holistic growth.
Ms. Sreemathi

Sreemathi graduated in Home Science from Bangalore University and she also holds a Diploma in Computer Applications. Her career began as a Computer Science teacher at Oxford English School in Bengaluru. After marriage, she assisted her husband in administrative work at their Mathematical Sciences Institute for 8 years. Her interest in learning more about the Montessori way of teaching saw her join the Centre for Montessori Teacher Training, Chennai. She completed her diploma certification in 2014-15. Her interests include listening to music, reading and craft.

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