Support Team

Administrative team: 

As part of the school administrative and support system, this team assists the Principal in planning and maintaining school routines and are responsible for the efficient management of the school financial and administrative functions.

Standing (from left): Ms. Lavanya, Ms. Anuradha, Ms. Karthika, Ms. Devi .G, Ms. Priya T,

Ms. Sarala, Ms. Sathya, Ms. Jansi

Sitting (from left): Ms. Kalaiarasi, Ms. Vijaya Ramachandran, Ms. Srividya, Ms. Anjana,

Ms. Muthulakshmi


Handy team: 

They maintain school campus and undertake minor repairs and maintenance.

Mr. Devarajan, Mr. Sugumar, Mr. Ganesan & Mr. Charles

Transport team: 

This team manages the efficient functioning of the school transport system.

Mr. Subramanian, Mr. Elanchezian and Mr. Mans

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