Study Trips

Visit to Eco Park

The students of grade IV visited the Adyar Eco Park as a part of extended learning on Adaptation of plants and animals.

Utsav in Primary

As part of our Utsav activity we visited the Goshala at Arulmigu Marundeeswarar Temple. It was an amazing insight for the children. They learnt about the cow is revered as Gomata and its importance in our ecosystem. Teachers explained the benefits of the products that the cow gives.

Learning through Music and Dance

We, the students of Grade 5 went to the Music Academy to watch a Bharatanatyam recital by Ms. Indu and Mr. Nitish. There were four different songs for which the dancers performed, the invocation song on Lord Ganesha, the main dance on Lord Padmanabha, a dance for a Meera bhajan and the final one, a Thillana. The dancers gave a lively performance with lovely facial expressions, movements and perfect coordination. It was very interesting to watch the entire performance.

- Grade V Shenbhagam

Starting them Young

Field trip to the Traffic Park was organized for the students of grade II with the purpose of introducing basic road safety rules to them. The Traffic Park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs and road crossings. The children learnt about the various aspects of road safety in a play way method. The trip was instrumental in sensitizing the children to road safety and the significance of following traffic rules.

Grade V field trip – St. George Fort Museum

Museums are repositories of antiques. In reality they are great historical, anthropological and archaeological monuments which educate us about the past. Students of grade V visited the St. George Fort museum for hands on experiential learning about the civilization of the past. The students saw the display of weapons of war, dresses worn by the British rulers and the army. Students also saw the evolution of our National flag. They were intrigued to see the old coins of India in different shapes, sizes, designs and values. The various portraits and statues displayed also brought to life stories to be remembered.

Grade II Field Trip – Guindy Park

The children of Grade II were taken on a field trip to Guindy National Park, where they got a chance to see different types of birds, animals and reptiles. The children applied what they learnt in class by naming the different birds and animals that they saw in the park, along with their habitats and sounds. The children even got to see a show which explained about the birds, animals and insects found in the forest. This trip proved to be a wonderful reflection and exposed them to be sensitive, compassionate and caring towards animals and the environment.

Grade IV—Visit to Egmore Museum

Students of Grade IV visited the Egmore Museum for hands on experiential learning about sources of history and its preservation. As a take away, students created an in house museum in their classes with the artifacts that they had collected.

Grade III Field Trip to Adyar Eco Park

Effective learning happens only through experiences. The children of grade 3 went on a field trip to experience nature and to learn about living things in different environments. The students were excited to have their own little trekking adventure at the Adyar Eco Park. Our little explorers spotted red bugs, seven spotted cockroaches, honey bees, caterpillars and a wide variety of shrubs and trees. They were excited when they had a chance to distinguish between a turtle and a tortoise. The children watched a short film on how the park has been transformed into a shelter for many living creatures, which in turn created awareness among them about the rising need to protect the environment.

Field Visit to the IMS

Our visit to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences was an intellectually enriching experience when we had the opportunity to dive into the depths of knowledge. From insightful talks by Professor Sivakumar of Krea University who walked us through the fascinating world of physics to sessions on Eratosthenes and Lorentz Transformations, we had an interactive and informative time at the IMS.

Playing it Safe – Grade II

As an extension of their learning, students of grade II visited the Traffic Park and got a glimpse of road safety rules. They enjoyed the display of model aircrafts, telescopes and more.

Women in Science – At IMSC

Scientific research in India in the past has been largely dominated by men. There is a welcome change in this field in the past few decades. As a part of the International Day for Girls and Women in Science on February 11th, we went to The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSC, Taramani). It was inspiring to see several Indian women scientists present their recent research. The students of IMSC engaged us in fun activities on topics such as sound and light. We also enjoyed watching ‘Hidden Figures’, a movie about three African American women who played a key role in the launch of America’s first successful rocket, the Friendship 7. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a great opportunity for learning.

- Swayamprabha, 8 Neelam

Grade VI and VII visit GEM Hospital

The students of class VI and VII visited the recently inaugurated GEM Hospital to explore the exhibition of various medical procedures and specimens of the weird and wonderful. The students witnessed a number of videos showcasing the in-trend method of laparoscopic surgery and also robotic surgery. The entire area was designed to look like the digestive system, and the entrance was designed like a human ‘mouth’. The students also learnt basic first aid, including how to perform CPR on adults and infants, and were also taught about the many setbacks of smoking and consuming excess alcohol. In the end, it turned out to be a learning experience that opened their eyes to new topics and revised old ones, making it a very enjoyable day.

Grade IX at the Thumba Rocket Launching Centre

As part of the field trip organised for the grade 9 students to Tumba, Trivandurm, students were taken to the first ISRO rocket launching centre at Tumba, where they were given a guided tour of the vast museum. They also visited the science museum and planetarium of Trivandrum, the Trivandrum zoo and the beach. The trip proved to be a both educational and enjoyable experience, with many memories to cherish.

A visit to the Music Academy

A few students of class IX and XI visited the Music Academy, for an exhibition hosted by the Museum of Performing Arts. The theme of the exhibition was on the dance legend Smt. Balasaraswati, her life and her journey as a dancer. Many of her possessions, such as her dance costumes and her chalangai were displayed, but it didn’t end there. The students also watched an extremely enlightening and inspiring documentary on this renowned artist, who is definitely revered by many dancers all over the world.

Visit to Group Schools to teach yoga

Few students of grade VII and VIII visited the neighbouring schools to create more awareness about Brain Power Yoga and the benefits of ‘Thoppukaranam’. The students and their message was received very well. The discipline and values of the host school students were appreciated by the Hari Shree students.

Nurturing Environments

Creating a learning environment outside the classroom is vital for students. On this note, the Sociology students of classes 11 and 12 visited Madras Christian College, Tambaram to attend a National Study Conference conducted by the Department of Social Work.  The conference was about ‘Nurturing Environments for Children’ – protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse.  The students attended intense, interesting and thought-provoking sessions by speakers, educators and professionals from various social organisations. The real life stories and case studies led to interactive question-answer sessions. At the end of an engrossing day, students took a short walk around the beautiful campus. Overall, this was a wonderful opportunity and a not-to-be missed exposure for the students.

- Sneha Krishnan, grade XI

Connecting the Past and Present 

The Art, Sociology and History students of grade XI and XII visited Mahabalipuram in connection as part of a study trip integrating all the subjects.

Grade IV and V at Egmore Museum

The Government museum in Egmore is an old British building made of red bricks. We saw armours and ancient weapons used during war by our freedom fighters, miniatures of temple cars and beautiful bronze sculptures of ancient deities. We couldn’t stop wondering about the artistic abilities of the sculptors. When we saw the display of games like pallankuzhi and aadu puliaatam, we felt like playing them. We also saw the skeleton of a blue whale, a mammoth and a dinosaur. It was a fun filled trip and we learnt about our culture and history.

- Siddharth Srinivas and Tanya, grade 4 Mohanam

Grade II and III at a Terrace Garden

We saw different types of plants like mango, pomegranate, orange, cactus, touch-me-not, aloe vera, pineapple, lemon, tomato, brinjal, drum stick and many more. We saw how nicely the garden was kept. We learnt that we should not put the seeds in the dustbin, instead we should plant them. We found out that mint and karpuravalli are a cure for cold, pineapple a prevention for cancer and aloe vera is good for hair and skin.

- Yashasvi and Sahana, III Veena

We saw many trees and plants. The leaves of the touch-me-not plant close when we touch them. I got to plant a mint sapling. I was very happy to see so many green plants and trees on the terrace. I wish to grow a similar garden in my house too.

- Aadhya S, grade II Ashoka

Grade III visits a Joint Family

As an extension of their Social Studies lesson on ‘Family’, the students of grade III visited the joint family of one of their friends. This is what some of the students had to say –

“Thithi’s Dad Rakesh Uncle was very sweet. He told us there are 30 people in his joint family. We ate almonds, walnuts and chocolate milk shake and also went upstairs to see the pigeons and garden. I had never seen a joint family. They all worked together and kept the house clean.”

- Haasya, grade III Sarang

What I learned:

Living in a joint family is fun.

We should adjust with what we have in a family.

We should touch elder’s feet every day.

We should help everyone in the family.

I saw thousands of pigeons and learnt that even pigeons can live in a joint family!”

- Adwitha, grade III Yazh

 CMI visit – Math students

12 students from grades XI and XII visited the Chennai Mathematical institute at Siruseri. We attended workshops on algorithms, study of neutrinos, advanced geometry, graph theory, solving complex polynomial expressions etc. We also got some insight into how aeroplanes fly and gravitational waves. The faculty informed us about the facilities offered at the Institute and the admission process.

- Aruna Srikamakshi and S. Avantika, grade XII

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