Student Initiatives

Anti Bullying Awareness Campaign 

Bullying, in some form or the other, finds its way to classrooms and student environments around the world. Recognising it even in its subtle forms and deciding to act against it requires courage, maturity and compassion. All of which are found in ample measure in Ananya and the Class V students of Hari Shree. Realizing that the young students of class II needed some help with conducting themselves, especially within the peer group, Ananya decided to enlist the help of her friends and Acharyas to address this issue.

During a special assembly for classes II to IV on 18th February, 2016, Ananya and her friends urged the younger children to adhere to the slogan – ‘I am a BUDDY’, ‘Say NO to bullying”. They presented skits on the right way to treat your friends in class. They spoke about peer pressure and how it was important to do the right thing and refrain from coercing your friends to do what is wrong. The class V students visited individual classes and created awareness through presentations and chart work. ‘Buddy’ badges were distributed to the class II students to reiterate the message of the anti bullying programme in school.

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