Student Council Leadership Camp

On the 10th and 11th of August, a Leadership Camp was held for all the members of the Student Council. It was conducted by Mr Kuldeep Dantewadia, founder of Reap Benefit. This highly interactive session created the opportunity for a lot of intense discussions and open debates on leadership. The various activities in the camp made us realise that even if our ideas or actions are thwarted, we shouldn’t give up and if we build it again together as a team, it will be successful. We also decided upon values and a charter system for the problems we want to tackle in our school this academic year. After this camp, we began to look at leadership in a whole new light. The camp brought us all together, helped understand each other better, and exposed our vulnerabilities; set a common goal and a standard that we would live by.

- Anika Jahnavi Sridharan, grade IX and S Raghav, grade XI

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