2019 – 2020

Kids Education Revolution, Bangalore

At Kids Education Revolution, as part of a leadership workshop, the student leaders of CHSV were introduced to the ‘Civic Ladder’ depicting how a citizen can progress from being passive, to actually being an active civic leader who takes up measures towards improving their surroundings. In groups we visited a practical physicist, a brand that invests in ideas of children, an organization that promotes employment and education of the underprivileged and a garbage dump near a temple that was to be cleaned. It taught us the importance of partnership, working in a safe space and change making. Travelling down the streets of Bangalore packed with numerous shops, it was not only an educational, but a well-rounded opportunity we received.

- Ambika Kobayashi Krishnapillai, grade XII

Student Council Election

Hari Shree relived the country’s election fever by conducting its own Student Council Elections, 2019, on 15th July 2019. Filing of nominations was followed by engaging campaigns. The school came alive with manifestos, speeches and posters in order to lure voters. Students from grades 6-12 were eligible to vote in this election. The objective of the Student Council is to nurture leadership skills through a democratic environment, by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. They will help share students’ ideas, interests and concerns with the leadership team. They will lead the students in alignment with the school’s vision of becoming compassionate responsible global citizens.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony of the Student Council 2019-2020 was a solemn event where the Student Council not only received their badges but also took an oath to undertake the responsibility of fulfilling Hari Shree’s vision. The symbolic gesture of handing over the lamp by representatives of the previous year’s Council to the new leaders symbolized the transfer of office. The Council then affirmed their commitment to the school in an oath taking ceremony led by the Principal. Our Vice Principal, Dr. Sarayu Ganesan and teacher in charge for Student Council, Ms. Janani Iyer had some inspiring and encouraging words for the newly sworn-in members.





Head Boy S Nandakumar
Head Girl Krithy Satish Kumar
Asst. Head Boy S Raghav
Asst. Head Girl Manasa Devi Karthik
Press coordinator Nivedita Naveen
Asst. Press coordinator Ananya Vijay Ganesh
Cultural secretary Shashank R
Asst. Cultural secretary Jaidev Bhalaje


Sports Captain Boy M Madheswaran
Sports Captain Girl Ambika Kobayashi Krishnapillai
Asst. Sports Captain Boy Ashvin Krishnan
Asst. Sports Captain Girl Diwitha Rajmohan


House Captain Boy S Nirek
House Captain Girl Gaddam Krithisha
Asst. House Captain Santhosh Krishnan


House Captain Boy Nithin Vijayanambi
House Captain Girl Samhitha
Asst. House Captain G Keerthana


House Captain Boy Kabir Singh
House Captain Girl Dheekshanya A
Asst. House Captain Amrutha Nathan


House Captain Boy Ashank A Swaminathan
House Captain Girl M Monicapiyaa
Asst. House Captain Saahil
Student Representative Grade 10 Aneesh
Student Representative Grade 10 Aditi
Student Representative Grade 9 Ruturanjan
Student Representative Grade 9 Anika
Student Representative Grade 8 Sasvath Balaji
Student Representative Grade 8 G. Shwethaa
Student Representative Grade 7 Arnav. B Prakash
Student Representative Grade 7 Ritu Sudarshan
Student Representative Grade 6 Thakarsh
Student Representative Grade 6  Akshara Vijay Ganesh

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