2014 – 2015

Prefects are pupils who have been given limited and reliable authority over other pupils in the school. Being prefects gives them an opportunity to bring out their leadership qualities for higher responsibilities in future. An ideal prefect learns not only to lead but also to respect the rights of those he is leading.

Who is an ideal prefect?

  • One who  has inculcates a sense of discipline and respect for school regulations
  • A role model who leads by example
  • A leader who is fair and impartial
  • A leader who  is both gentle and firm
  • A friend and guide to the younger children
  • A steadfastand loyal member of the school

What do the duties include?

  • To maintaining orderly behaviour, observance of rules and good tone throughout the school.
  • To facilitate assembly and all school functions.

Elections for the Prefectorial Body


23rd June: The students of class 8 – 12 elected their class prefects.

26th June: The nominees for the executive committee of the student council were introduced during the assembly.

Introduction of nominees during assembly

27th June: The nominees for the executive committee addressed the students of classes 6 – 12 with their campaign speech.

Campaigning for the elections.

30th June: Students of classes 6 – 12 cast their votes electronically and the results were declared on the same day. 

Online elections in progress!

Elected prefects and members of the Executive Committee 

Head Boy Siddarth P Chokkalingam
Head Girl K B Shree
Assistant Head Boy Avinash Ramachandran
Assistant Head Girl Sangamithra Goutham
Press Coordinator Harsh Yadav
Cultural Secretary Srinithi Natarajan
Treasurer Balasubramanian S




Class Section Name
VIII Pavazham Anya
Kavhya Suraj
VIII Muthu Varun Nagaraj
Nithya Sudhakar Narayanaswamy
VIII Neelam Ashwath K
Poorvaja S
IX Kurinji Chiranjeev Ravichandran
IX Marutham Shravan B
Shreya Sandipta Khuntia
IX Neidhal Pragya
Dhakshin Shravan R
X Madhuvanti & Desh Shri Lakshmi S S
Aruna Chalam S V
Thendrl M

9th July: Investiture Ceremony 

The eight Prefectorial Board of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, led by Head Boy –P.C.Siddharth & Head Girl –K.B.Shree, was sworn in during a solemn ceremony on 9st July, 2014.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Shaun Jayachandran spoke about the benefits of sports in enhancing academic performance, character building and team spirit. He encouraged the children to follow their chosen passion and use it as a vehicle to make an impact and reach out to those around them. He also mentioned the immense responsibility the prefects have to shoulder and how they can make a difference in every small way when discharging their everyday responsibilities.

The Principal, Ms. Deivanai congratulated the newly elected office bearers, urging them to be steadfast in fulfilling their responsibility towards serving the school community.

Chief Guest Mr. Shaun Jayachandran and the Principal

CHSV’s elected Executive Members

Ongoing responsibilities of the Executive Committee members

  • The executive committee members are in-charge of the dispersal duty at 2:20 pm and 2:30 pm. The committee also took up the full charge of conducting the assembly in the morning which included the organisation of students, prayer and dispersal to the classes.
  • Every Wednesday the executive committee members meet to discuss the agenda for the coming week and the implementation of the same.

15th August: Independence Day

Sangamithra Goutham, the Assistant Head girl gave the welcome address. The Assistant Sports Captain, Dhwani, invited the Chief Guest and the Principal to hoist the national flag. After the flag hoisting ceremony, the Sports Captain C. Rahul led the pledge. This was followed by an inspiring speech on “The Vision Project” by the School Head boy P.C. Siddarth.

23rd August: Parents’ Sports Event and Breakfast

It was fully planned, organized, funded and executed only by the student body with minimal involvement from teachers. This event was hosted to raise funds for their Culturals.

24th August: Annual Sports Day

Executive Sports Committee conducted the sports day under the able guidance of the PT teachers. The prefects were involved in the maintenance of discipline, seating arrangement for the guests and distribution of prizes for the winners.

26th August: tGELF Harmony 2014 conducted competitions in chess, debate and street play. The prefects played a crucial role in the smooth execution of the above event. They helped the organizers right from the registration to the culmination of the programme with the prize distribution ceremony.

28th August: First Inter School Culturals – Vizha 2014 – A Prefectorial Body Initiative!

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam hosted its first Annual Inter school culturals on 28/08/2014 at the school premises.  Around 40 Schools were invited for this mega event. The programme commenced with an invocation. The school Asst.Head Girl, Sangamithra, warmly welcomed the gathering. Actor Amitash Pradhan of Velaiyilla Pattathari was the Chief Guest for the event. He entertained the audience with a dance sequence from the movie. The CHSV students of class IX, X, XI and XII also gave a performance.

The competitions were held at different venues. Some of the events were Adzap, Basket ball, Block and Tackle, Band Wars, Dance off, Fireless cooking, Futsal, Kabbadi, Photography, Race over time, Ship Wreck, Voice Over, Debate etc. The events were conducted with a great deal of planning which spanned a period of over two months.

The special attraction of the day were the stalls put up by the “Pizza Hut”, “Frankie” and “Fruit Shop Greams Road”.  The event was sponsored by Sony, ACT Fiber Net Broadband, Athena Diagnostics etc.,

The Vizha’14 came to end with the Prize distribution Ceremony. Prizes were distributed by the Principal.LadyAndalSchoolbagged the over all trophy with maximum number of prizes and a cash prize of Rs.10,000 sponsored by Sony. The principal congratulated all the winners and the participants for their active and fair participation.

CHSV Girls Performing Western Music

Inaugural Host Performance

Honouring the Chief Guest

Participants at Dance Off

Band Wars – St’John’s Senior Secondary School

CHSV Teacher Honouring the Chief Guest of Band Wars

Basket Ball Competition

RAT-Participant trying her chance

RAT-Task 3,Participant Trying Her Chance

CHSV Principal Congratulating the winner

Prize Distribution by CHSV Principal’

Sony-Stall with their Gadgets

 Pizza Hut and Fruit Shop Stalls at our Food Court

September and October

  • The Prefectorial members put up a juice stall to sell lemonade and the proceeds of the same were deposited under the Prefectorial account.
  • The executive committee members had an opportunity to interact with the Heads of the group schools. During this interaction they shared the different initiative undertaken by the Prefectorial board.

20th September: Teachers Day was celebrated at Hari Shree with great enthusiasm. The one hour program was organised by the Student Council. The program commenced with the head boy P. C Siddarth thanking all the teachers on behalf of the students, for their constant support, guidance and motivation. The students of class XI performed an entertaining Street Play on “Newsroom”. The students of Class IX performed a song for the teachers. There were games conducted for the Teachers, like The Dumb Charades, Passing the Marble, Stitch in time and Chinese Whisper.

Dumbcharades-Enact by a teacher

Street Play by class XI Students

14th November: Children’s Day

Children’s Day was celebrated on the 14th of November between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm at Hari Shree.

The Prefectorial body organised the following events:

Class II & III: Magic Show, was organised.

Class IX: A short film, ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’, was screened.

Class X, XI & XII: The movie, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, was screened.

17th December

  • The students of the prefectorial board took a survey of students from class 6 – 11 on how the school diary could be improved and made more effective and meaningful. The findings were collected and submitted to the principal.
  • The prefectorial members had an orientation session with teachers of the Physical Education department to familiarise themselves with the rules of the games for the Inter-House Sports Meet.

    Orientation session with PT teachers

19th December: Inter-House Sports Meet 

Another initiative by the Prefectorial Body is the hosting of the Inter-House Sports Meet – a first in Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam.  The sports meet was between the four sports houses of the school – Prithvi, Vayu, Agni and Akash. The competition was in the following four games:

  1. Basketball
  2. Soccer
  3. Badminton
  4. Table Tennis

Students from classes 9 to 12 participated in this meet. The Inter-House Sports Meet was held between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Children from the four houses participated enthusiastically in the games. Vayu House emerged as the Overall Champions and prizes were distributed to the winning teams by the Principal.

Student Prefects Orienting students of class 9 – 12 on the Inter-house Sports Meet

Badminton Match in progress

Basketball match between Prithvi and Vayu

Basketball match between Agni and Akash

 Final Results of the Sporting Events 

Sport Position House Participants
Table Tennis First Vayu Akhil Nair
Second Prithvi Manisha Katariya
Badminton First Vayu S.Deepak
Arvind Pennathur
Second Akash Nikhil Kumar
Shreya Sandipta Kuntiya
Basketball First Prithvi Dhwani Vishwanath
Janani P. Iyer
Rajalakshmi K. Iyer
Shreyas Rajeshwar
P.C. Siddharth
Vignesh V
Second Akash Avinash Ramachandran
Gururaj Iyer
Deeksha Kartik
Aishwarya Venkatesh
Sudipthaa Paraman
Football First Vayu Durgesh Murugan
Pranav V
Varun P
Vallinayagam P. C.
Second Agni Akshay Sivakumar
Aravinth Paranan
Siddharth Saravanan
Balasubramaniam S.
Sharan Srinivasan
Sudhakaran Jayachandran
Overall Trophy Vayu


Winners of the Basketball match

Winners of the Football match

 Winners of the Table tennis match

Winners of the Badminton match



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