Street Play at HSV

Theatre, as a medium of expression, is known to all. It allows the artist the freedom to display his or her flair for the particular art form. Now, a slight variation to this is ‘Street Theatre’, the tenets of which is very similar to plain vanilla theatre: there is a script, there is a stage, there is an audience, there are actors. So, what then makes ‘Street Theatre’ different?

There is a stage, but it is at street corners, market places or other crowded arenas; there is an audience, but it is unpredictable, as it depends on the place of performance; there is a script, but it has to be short and cater to the needs of the unknown.  Above all, there has to be a social message! All these requirements make fast movements, slapstick humour, rhythm and music the quintessential of street theatre.

Sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it; but not for the students of Hari Shree Vidyalayam.  Recently a set of students from class 10 were exposed to the idea of ‘Street Play’ as part of their SUPW project.  Though reluctant at first, they gradually embraced the project with open minds. They worked in two groups, one larger group performing in Tamil (We think they may have surprised themselves by their fluency in the regional language!) and one smaller group performing in English. The play in Tamil was not only timely but also eye-opening with the up-coming popular festival – Deewali. They performed on the theme of child labour and the atrocities in firework factories.

The second group performed in English on the hotly debated topic of ‘Inclusion’. Their task became even more challenging as they participated in a completion. They were restricted to a team of only five participants with no use of electronic gadgets (blessing in disguise!), not even a microphone to amplify their voices.

Both the groups rose to the challenge and emerged triumphant. Each and every performer took us all by surprise through their talent. Both the groups were trained by skilled professionals in the field and worked under the supervision of Hari Shree teachers, Ms.Hema Malini and Ms.Sandhya. On the whole it was a rewarding experience for all involved.

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