Std X with Eureka delegates

Std X hosts Interactive activities for Student delegates from Eureka School

Oct 9 was a day of much excitement and occurrence at HSV as the school witnessed a visit by student ambassadors from the Eureka school, Kalpakkam. In honour of the visit, some of the students of Std X conducted learning and recreational activities for the student delegates. The activities conducted over the day included hands- on learning activities in Math, Science, English and Music. Another group of host students also conducted games for the visitors and gave away prizes to the winners and participants.

The Eureka school is an NGO initiative at Kalpakkam and has interacted with HSV on earlier occasions over the recent years. On this occasion, the visiting students and teachers had been invited to Hari Shree  to receive the proceeds of the  grant collected by the Hari Shree children in their bid to reach out to the community.


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