Std IV & V

The school maintains a teacher student ratio of 1 : 30 for this level.

English: The school has adopted the Collins Program for the primary. The curriculum is a student centric one that allows plenty of scope for activities that build speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Math: XSEED Math program for the primary is a comprehensive program that uses experimental and research based methods that ensure a sound understanding of concepts.

Science: The Std IV & V Science Curriculum combines the Cambridge – I – Explore Program with input from the Science faculty. The Curriculum is learner centred and aims at developing the scientific temper through investigation and hands on experimentation.

Social Studies: The Social Studies department under the e guidance and support from XSEED has designed an indigenous curriculum called the Anveshana, (the Probe) for the primary level. This exclusive curriculum is an endeavour to bring about a change in the way the subject is perceived by the teachers, children and parents. The objective of the program is to shift the focus from the content to equipping children with practical skills and promote discovery learning.

Second and Third Language:

A second language is introduced in Class I while a third language is offered from Class IV to Class VIII.

Please refer to the school language policy for details

Computer Science: 

Technology is an integral part of life in today’s world; keeping that aspect in mind, we have designed the curriculum for classes II – VII following the ICSE guidelines. The functioning of a computer system and the technology involved will be introduced during classes, in a grade appropriate manner. Activities are integrated into the curriculum.

Class IV – Software: MS-PowerPoint, Scratch

Class V – Software: MS-Word, Micro World, MS- Publisher

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