Stagecraft-HSV’s Maiden TheatreNight2015

January 26th, 2015

Stagecraft - HSV’s theatre group, initiated in association with Creashakthi, our theatre facilitators, made its debut on January 26th with Theatre Night 2015. Featuring a collage of plays performed to the school community and the public, the event marked yet another milestone in the school’s growth as it provided an opportunity for the theatre enthusiasts from Grade X & XI of HSV to showcase their talent alongside professional actors from Creashakthi.

The program comprised of two shows that showcased 9 plays directed by Mr. Dushyanth of Creashakthi. The plays were:

The Nation Wants to Know: Replete with the ring master and glamour thirsty experts, this Stagecraft venture satirized panel discussions on television news channels, where the truth is often compromised to make way for sensationalism and the ‘Breaking News’ malady.  A thorough entertainer, the play was enacted by Aishwarya .V, Akshaya. S,Avinash Ramachandran, BalaSubramaniam. S, Nikhil Vijayanambi and  Rahul Chandrashekar, of Grade XI

Break A Leg ( A high School Musical)- A Stagecraft venture, this original retelling of Shakespeare’s classic, The Taming of the Shrew showcased a high school theatre group in its attempt to reproduce another Shakespearean classic, Romeo & Juliet. Scripted by Saindhavi Venugopal and musically supported by Vaishnavi Mohan the play was enacted by Saindhavi, Vaishnavi, Arunachalam.S.V, Balasubramaniam.S, Manasvini V, Mowrishwar. S and Tvisha Vadhul, who are students of Grade X.

A brilliant and original piece of work, this hilarious romantic comedy not only depicted a play in a play but also provided a comprehensive insight into the world of theatre with all its behind-the-scenes madness.

Adaptations from Ruskin Bond – With rights provided by Penguin Books, this Creashakthi undertaking brought the stories of the legendary author to life.  Supported by music from K.M Conservatory, the short plays explored a myriad of genres ranging from comedy to horror, satire to drama and enthralled the audience with the sheer talent on display.

A truly entertaining and enriching experience, Stagecraft was received equally well by the school community and the regular patrons of theatre.

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