Sports Day

December 20, 2018

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam’s 15th Annual Sports Meet happened with a lot of spirit of sportsmanship.  The chief guest, Ms. Varsha Gautham, a national rowing champion hoisted the flag and received salute from the 4 contingents and the student leaders. The sports captains took the oath on behalf of all the participants. This was followed by a yoga demonstration, mass drill and human pyramid formations. The track and field events were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Every house worked towards accumulating points for their team, and the day ended with Agni winning the house cup this year.

Junior Sports Carnival

Sports as a carnival for grades II to IV

Parent Events

Hari Shree parents participated with equal gusto in inter-house badminton, basketball, throw ball, tug of war and track and field events.

Global Citizenship Team in action

‘If you do a task for 21 days, it will become a habit’ – this was the idea behind the 21 day fitness challenge that the students of grade VIII came up with. More than 30 parents accepted the challenge. The best part was the spirited support and campaigning for the 21 day challenge by the grade VI team. They designed and gifted ‘Good Health’ book marks to all those who registered.

The grade XI team gave the crowd a healthy eating option among a sea of tasty but not-so-healthy foods. Cutting, arranging, serving, campaigning…they aced it!

With sweet smiles, our grade VI up-cycling team persuaded visitors to accept food in their hand-made ‘dhonnai’ instead of foil plates.

The grade IX waste management team worked towards reducing litter, managing waste and campaigning among students and parents. A good attempt was made to segregate the waste by providing separate bins for wet and dry waste.

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