Special Assemblies

Class Assemblies are an inherent routine in our weekly schedule. Besides providing the children an opportunity to interact with the larger group, it also provides a perfect platform for the children to introspect and interact on the core values of the school. To optimise the learning experience, the children are grouped according to age levels so that the activities correspond to their growing needs.

Class VII Vaiduryam – Values from Krishna’s life

The Krishna Jayanthi assembly started with a devotional prayer followed by the recitation of a few verses from the Bhagavad Geetha, by children depicting a scene from Geethopadesam. There was a dance and a drama based on the life of Lord Krishna.

Class VII Vairam – Promotion of Khadi

An informative video was played on the importance of Khadi to mark the Khadi Day.

Class VII Maragatham – Textiles of India

The students presented a dance, news report and a PowerPoint Presentation as part of the skit. It showed important textile centres in and around Chennai and the kind of intricate work that goes into making the designs on the fabric.

Class VI – Samandhi – Life at Gurukulam

The students performed an apt special assembly on Teacher’s Day. They gave a wonderful insight into the practices followed by the students during the ancient Gurukulam System.

Class VI Roja – Acharyas from the past

The assembly started with a play transporting us to the past to know all about famous Gurus of the times- Vidyaranya, Chaitanya Mahaprabho and Ramanujar!

Class VI – Suryagandhi – Gurus & Shishyas

The assembly started with an enjoyable skit on Totaka and his guru, Adi Shankara. This was followed by a Power Point Presentation on famous gurus and sishyas. The assembly ended with a melodious song by all students.

Grade II Respect and Resilience

‘Respect and ‘Resilience’ was introduced by these second graders with a groovy song “I love you; you love me, we treat each other respectfully!” that got everybody present to sing along.

Grade II Independence Day

On the occasion of Independence Day celebrations, Patriotism filled the atmosphere with the students dressed in the hues of white. They presented a dance performance for the song ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ and followed it up with a patriotic song, ‘I salute my flag’.

Grade II Krishna Janmashtami

The Assembly for Janmashtami was a visual treat. With the children dressed as little Krishnas and Gopikas, they created an atmosphere of Vrindavan filled with mirth and beauty dancing to the tunes of “Kanna Va Va” song. It really was a joyous feat showcasing their talents to all of Primary.

Class VIII Muthu -Significance of Trees in Temples

The assembly of class VIII Muthu was conducted to highlight the significance of trees in temples. The students stood as different trees and explained their importance and religious belief.

Class VII Manickam – Varalakshmi Vratham

The assembly for class VII Manickam was on the topic Varalakshmi Vratham. The singers sang divinely and the dancers performed gracefully to the song parallel. Students also showed a PPT on how the whole celebration takes place.

Primary Assemblies Grade [2-5]

Age-old stories are the heart and soul of our culture and without them, life would be quite boring. And who better to tell these stories than our grandparents? We had a fun-filled story-telling session with a student’s grandfather, Mr. Seshadri, who narrated many stories especially about avoiding greed. It was an awesome session that all of us enjoyed very much!

We had an assembly on life in olden days with one of our grandmothers! She told us about how, when she was our age, she would walk to school and play in the streets before going home to listen to stories from their grandparents. She also made us realize how plastic and pollution were never issues when she was growing up and how technology wasn’t there either. Overall, it was a very informative session.

Story Time with Mr. Vikram Sridhar

On 24th July, the students of Grades IV and V were part of an hour-long journey through stories of food, birds and history. With stories from folk tales and history Mr. Vikram Sridhar enthused the students with his interactive session. He emphasized that storytelling is not just for kids, but there is something for everyone in every story.

Grade VIII Neelam – World Population Day

The 11th of July is celebrated as World Population Day all over the world and we decided to take up this topic in the spirit of this day. We put together a short skit and a poem to raise awareness about the consequences of overpopulation and how to overcome this global issue.

- Shriya Rama Rajiv, grade VIII

Grade VIII Pavazham – World Hepatitis Day

28th of July being World Hepatitis Day, we performed our assembly on the same theme. We conveyed the message through a song and a skit. Jaundice, also called yellow fever is a disease caused by the hepatitis virus that primarily affects the liver. It was both an educational and an exciting experience working with our classmates.

Grade VIII Pushparagham– Nelson Mandela Day

The assembly of class VIII Pushparagham was performed to mark the birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela. The students learnt about Nelson Mandela, his life and apartheid. The idea of freedom was depicted through dance and songs. A few inspiring quotes penned by Nelson Mandela were also shared in the assembly.

- Vinay Kanna, grade VIII

Student Representatives addressing the Middle Schoolers

Student representatives from grade 6 to 8 addressed the students of the middle school on the classroom rules, school discipline and school expectations.

Composting – Grade VI Sembaruthi 

In order to promote the idea of composting, we wrote our own lyrics to a popular English song and performed it as a ‘Cup Song’ with catchy beats. An original skit was staged and we showed an informative video on ‘How to Compost’. We hope our assembly inspires other students to begin composting.

- Bhavna B, and Ananya, VI Sembaruthi

Food Wastage – Grade VI Roja 

During their class assembly, we spread awareness on the consequences of food wastage through a role play and a presentation. We also led the assembly in taking an oath to prevent food wastage.

- Ria R, VI Roja

Plastic Pollution – Grade VI Samandhi 

The theme of our class assembly was ‘Reduce the usage of Plastic’. Our skit highlighted the consequences of burning plastic and our presentation brought out its harmful effects and offered alternate solutions. A video on the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ was shown.

- Sahana Thiaga Rajan, VI Samandhi

Sivarathri – Grade VII Vairam 

For our assembly on ‘Sivarathri’, we spoke about the significance of the festival, the five elements of Shiva and the food traditionally eaten during the festival. A humorous play with a modern interpretation of the festival was also staged.

- Siddhanth, Aadhav and Vaghul, VII Vairam

Polite Language – Grade VII Maragatham

The students of VII Maragatham and Vaiduryam presented an assembly on the usage and impact of foul language. They conveyed their message through a skit and a song.

- Anika Jahnvi Sridharan, VII Maragatham

Respecting our Grandparents

Students of grade II Ashoka and Tulsi had an assembly about respecting grandparents. They presented a skit, sang songs and had fun performing for the first time on stage.

Celebrating Pongal

Students of grade II Vilvam and Chandanam did a Special Assembly on Pongal where they sang songs about the harvest festival in Tamil, Hindi and English. They learnt how harvest festivals are celebrated all over India and also danced to a Tamil song.

Young Responsible Citizens

The special assembly by the fourth graders on Green Diwali showcased a dance performance and a video presentation on how the smoke from the crackers harms man and his environment. The student also put up a play to bring out the theme

- Advaith S J, Grade V

Remembering the Greats

The students of the Primary remembered the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri during our freedom struggle. They presented speeches, powerpoints and took a pledge on the occasion.

Grade IV Mohanam – Navaratri

September 22, 2017

We celebrated Navaratri in school by keeping a small 3 step Golu in our reception area. The Golu dolls were brought by the students. The students of IV Mohanam also presented a special assembly on this nine day festival. They explained why Navaratri is celebrated and how Mahishasura was killed. Dance and music made the assembly colourful and fun. Our teachers also danced and sang for us to celebrate Navaratri.

Grade IV Shankarabaranam – Onam

September 5, 2017

Onam was celebrated in a traditional manner. We presented music, dance and drama on the harvest festival.

- Students of grade IV Shankarabaranam

Grade IV Anandabairavi – Independence Day and Krishna Jayanthi

August 11,2017

Our assembly combined Independence Day celebrations and Krishna Jayanthi. The students rendered the song ‘Jai Janardhan Krishna’ besides the dance and drama depicting the tale of Lord Krishna and Sudama. The presentation on Independence Day was both a learning on the country’s freedom struggle and the sacrifices made during the process. It was a fun and exciting experience.

- Students of Grade IV Anandabairavi

Grade V Shenbagam – World Environment Day

July 28, 2017

During our special assembly on World Environment Day and saving the earth’s valuable resources, we presented a skit and a song that depicted the environment. We also had a power point presentation on saving the earth. The assembly ended with a pledge by the students to preserve the Earth’s resources.

- Students of Grade V Shenbagam

Grade V Thamarai on ‘Respect’

July 24, 2017

Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners. If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Our topic for the assembly ‘RESPECT’ gave us an opportunity to showcase our talent by presenting plays, singing songs and delivering speeches on respecting our country, school and family.

- Students of grade V Thamarai

Grade V Mullai on Food Wastage

July 14, 2017

Do you know that a huge amount of food is wasted everyday and a billion people don’t get even a single meal a day?! These are some of the facts we picked up from our assembly about food wastage. Our class wanted other children to realise how much effort goes behind a farmer’s work. He sows seeds, grows fresh crops and finally harvests before our parents can put our favourite meal on the plate. We sang prayers about food and performed skits and showed ppts on food wastage. It was a learning experience where we understood that food wastage is bad. Please love food and hate waste.

- Kanika for grade V Mullai

Grade V Malligai  - ‘Say No to Bullying’

July 7, 2017

The students of the Primary were made to understand that bullying in any form is wrong. The students of grade V Malligai presented plays and ppts, besides placards and a speech to convey the message.

Festival of Giving

June 2017

Students from the Middle and High School celebrated the festival of Ramadan during a special assembly. The plays and songs performed by the students brought out the significance and joy of the festival.

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