Shakespearean musical by Class X

CHSV’s maiden Shakespearean musical by CHSV team 

We take immense pride in uploading the video of a scene from Break a Leg, a play written & enacted by a team of  9 students from Std X.

The play is a musical and a spoof on two well known plays of William Shakespeare. The script for this play- in-a play is written by Saindhavi Venugopal of Std X, and showcases the team’s theatrical talents and musical debut. The musical scores for the play have been written and executed by the team itself. The play was taken up as part of The School Drama Competition, spearheaded by the British Council. The CHSV team was among the 179 schools that participated in the mega event. The theatre classes offered at Hari Shree as part of its curriculum are facilitated by Crea Shakti. This ongoing exposure to theatre skills has provided the team with the grounding for this theatrical enterprise.

You may visit to watch the children in action.

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