Session with a German Story Teller

February 13th 2015

Mr. Richard Martin, a German story teller conducted an enchanting story telling session for the students of Grade 3. He narrated stories like ‘Leopard Eating Dog’ from the Panchtantra and ‘The Strongest of them all’, a popular folk tale. His gestures and voice modulation added spice to the story line and kept the children attentive and involved, setting the tone for an imaginative session.

Children are great fans of stories and keeping in mind that they probably love to talk as much as they love to listen, the story teller involved them by either making them repeat a few lines in a dialogue oriented story or by letting them guess the development of the storyline. Students proved adept at visualizing the plot and characters.

The session promoted active participation and gave the students an opportunity to explore diverse cultures, accepted styles of behaviour and to understand how wisdom can pave the way for peaceful living.

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